Does anyone have experience with these services?

As I have multiple listings on different websites such as Airbnb, Flipkey, Tripadvisor and Booking, I’m considering to sign up with a channel manager service to keep better control of bookings and also be able to take direct bookings to avoid fees.

I’m considering the following services:




Does anyone have any experience with these services? Are there other good tools I should consider?

My dad is using Lodgify (I made all configuration for him). Works well for the website part but not enough as a channel manager. (I have a referral code if you want to use it or have more questions)

I created my website (world press) with very cheap hosting (Uneo) and I am using hostaway as channel manager and for the booking part of the website.

@sylvainbg - thanks for this info. How often do the calendars sync when using hostaway?

Between a few second to max 20 minutes. A reservation is making a sync

@Jan_J Hey, you might want to check us out. We created a platform that syncs with your rental calendars and allows you to automatically schedule your cleaners for upcoming turnovers. It’s free to use -

Thanks, I’ve looked at your service and added it to our blog, I hope this is okay.

Are calendars be updated in real time?

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@Jan_J Thanks! We auto sync the calendars on average about every 30 minutes. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!