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Does anyone feel weird that guests just hang at the house all day


we live in our rental its our home …and we have had a few guests that just hang around the house all day ( they were guests that booked more than one day ) I did contact air about it and they said that once the guest has paid they can do what they like … …anyone else have any thoughts on this


Carol, there is really not much you can do about it. I ve had guests like that. I work from home couple days a week, and at first it feels a bit uneasy for me to have all the conversations with guests who were home most of the time. But then I let them know that I am upstairs working.
In my experience its guests who don’t have a car. If you are not on instant book, may be its a good idea to kind of interview them before hand, ask additional questions what their day is like, and what is the purpose of their stay. If they are traveling for work, then be prepared to have them nights and weekends at home. I had guests like that who were absent the whole day, but then all evening and weekends spent at home.
If its uneasy for you to have guests that would stay at home many hours your best bet would be very short term tourists.


Carol and Yana,

I rent out a house on Airbnb, but I am curious as to why guests stay at your house all day. Yana - you mentioned some guests are there for work so makes sense if they are resting in the evenings, etc.

But don’t the majority of travelers come to go on vacation and visit the city? Or are there other reasons? Silly me assumed Airbnb guests are on vacation and would be out and about sight seeing, etc…not sitting around a house.

Yana…I guess it was like the cooking fiasco you experienced. I don’t understand why people would want to spend 4 hours a day cooking when they could be exploring. I understand special dietary needs and they may need to eat at home…but it still amazes me.


Hi it makes you feel a bit like an intruder in your own home when people hang around … I have to work out a nice way of saying something …when I asked airbnb what happens if you need to go to work and someone is in your home … they said get a manager ( not the answer I was looking for ) there has to be a very nice way to let people know that its B&B …I suppose they may think its a guest house ,not a b&b


Carol, I do go to work and leave my house to my guests to use. I lock my bedroom, they can do the same with their room. I don’t understand what you mean by saying, you have to let them know it’s B&B not a guest house?
I had the same story with my “cooking” guests, they occupied the whole house with their presence, and their things all over the house, but honestly, out of many that I hosted, no one acted like that. Most guests want to be left alone, and most hardly leave their rooms., I had couple who never went anywhere much due to their circumstances and of course they wanted to converse, but I needed to work, and I told them, and that was the end of it.
I don’t think you can say much to your guest based only on a . Fact that they are visible all the time. I thnk the best would be to get used to the fact that you guys are sharing common spaces.
My “cooking” guests watched TV all the time in a living room, now to prevent this I am thinking of putting TV in guests bedrooms.

I actually saw that people put in house rules things like : please, use common area sparingly. Remember we live in a house also. Give yourself and others as much privacy as possible. And these are the ones with tons of 5* star reviews.
Kitchen time needs to be reserved, and so on.
May be you can write the same, so your guests know ahead of time what they are booking.


Cabinhost, each with different circumstances. My “cooking” guests actually asked me upfront if they can cook. My mistake was that I didnt asked them additional questions. Now I know better. The cooking itself was not a problem but the size of it.


I haven’t had guests like that or been a guest like that! But I guess you know now to expect it. I don’t know how you can regulate it! I’d like to see someone post ‘guests must vacate premises from 10 am to 5 pm’!

The fun.weird, and ugly thing about being hosts is getting to know different people!

I can imagine that some people just want to get away - just to rest. Maybe they live with difficult family, are grieving, or having their home painted. They want to be somewhere else but not run around.

I would be interested is getting to know their story - it may be interesting.


@Carol_O_Hara_Riley @Yana_Agapova To be honest it took us quite awhile to adjust to having people hanging out in the house, but then we realize that it is their home too while they are here so we try to see it from their shoes. A lot of the times they are super respectful but it just comes down to your comfort level. When they say they are here to look for a place and needs our AirBnb for a few weeks, that usually means they won’t be going out much vs. if they say they are here to travel.


Frankly when I am at someone house I font think of it like my own home, even when I stayed in my friends house I respected their privacy.


I’m a host in Hawaii by the beach as many of you know. I am always highly surprised when guests stay in the apartment all day… or sleep late! I know they are on holidays but if it were my vacation I would be up early and out seeing all I could see of this beautiful island before flying home. I’m also surprised when they lock all the doors and windows… shutting themselves off from the ocean breezes…can’t explain it… To each his own though. They are in a private, lockable part of the house and they paid for it… so if they stay or go or lock it all up is all fine by me. :smile:

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