Does anyone Airbnb a camper?

My mother-in-law is passing down a plot of land that is on a river and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. Wondering if putting a camper there is a good idea.

Do you see other short-term rentals with tents and campers in the area?

Can you give us a map or an exact location of the property?

Have you used AirDNA to look at the short-term rental in the area?

@gypsy has a retro camper that they’ve renovated. She’d have all the info


I’ve seen several retro (1950s Airstream camper all tarted out) and modern campers as AirBnbs. No reason it can’t work as long as you figure out the logistics of sewage disposal, electric service, trash service, cleaning, etc You’ll also want to look at the site – don’t want to place the camper on the spring-runoff flood zone…


My wife and I did to get our feet wet at being an Airbnb host. While we did it, it went very well. My wife didn’t think we would get anybody that was interested. But we had someone almost every weekend. Water, power, and sewer/septic would be the most limiting factors. If you have all three you are golden. If I was you I would try it out for the summer and see how it goes. Don’t forget to use VRBO too. Good Luck!


Don’t have one but I’ve rented a small one through Airbnb. It was great

In my county it is against the regulations, I cannot get a STR permit for my Airstream trailer.


There is a host in Exmouth area of Western Australia who has a small fleet of vans and pop up campers that can be located to within so many kms of the area for an extra fee or on a usual plot. Its a world heritage reef with spectacular everything but not a great deal of development yet. If you search you could see what they offer.


This property has none if the above- no electric, water, etc :rofl::rofl:. Maybe an off the grid experience lol