Does AirBnB read these posts for potential improvements or are we just blowing hot air amonst us?

Just asking the question. Does anyone know the answer? Otherwise we should have a topic with that as the purpose.

This forum is unrelated to Airbnb, Inc., and I think it’s great the way it is.
There’s Host Voice on Airbnb Community Center if you want to submit ideas to Airbnb (LOL).


Ahh, yes. It is good also to have a separate forum so comments aren’t monitored. Thank you for your answer.

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One time to the shock of all us, an actual Air employee made a comment on the thread about the new Air experiences! Yikes! But we haven’t heard a peep from her since.

I think they would learn a lot about the trenches and concerns of hosts should they monitor us. I would say you can assume they are lurking. :smiley:

She is probably working for TripAdvisor now.


They read them, it is free good feedback and they don’t have to even have to make a comment.