Does Airbnb have a general program for people in special circumstances?

Hi! I hope this is not offensive to anyone. As a semi frequent host this forum has been a livesaver for me dealing with all sorts of personalities in a shared-space room situation.

I am a superhost for almost a year out in Mass, and a close friend has a friend in a bad family situation in Cali. Their friend is in Ireland at the moment and cannot help.

I know Airbnb has programs for Emergency situations like earthquakes and Refugees. Do they have one for families in medical situations? How do people in need get in contact with Air for assistance?

This families’ daughter is in a coma in the hospital at UCSF, and I was wondering if they could contact airbnb help to find hosts willing to work with a family to find a situation more comfortable and competitively priced to staying in a hotel? They are so overwhelmed they cannot handle things like this easily right now.

This is my listing so you can see I am a legitimate host and read my reviews and see I am not a scammer:

This is the child:

If they offer these programs, there must be a contact for them? TIA!

Well I think those crisis programs aren’t Air offering anything. it’s Air getting hosts to volunteer their places for free.


Isn’t that what the Ronald McDonald house does? Can the hospital advocacy or social worker help with ideas?


Thanks I will suggest that to my friends’ friend. I guess I will propose that for a topic at their next annual conference!

Maybe these guys don’t know about Air…I hope they can find something at least competitive with a hotel that is more private.

I ended up taking a guy whose mother was on her deathbed at Tgiving, not for free but giving him a discount. He had at first asked for a long-term rental which i don’t do, but he was staying with five siblings so I told him if he needed a few nights he could come for a break in there. It ended up being a really meaningful encounter.

Hosting - you never know what you are going to get, huh,

Thanks! Peace.

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Every major hospital has arrangements for families who are away from their homes due to ill children. Here in Boston, I know of approximately 15 homes that house families [most of these host numerous families] at no charge to the family.

Call the hospital and ask for the social workers. They will know every service and support that is available to this family.

And all the best to this family as they care for their child. You are good to try to help.


p.s. How funny! One of my guests stayed with you!!! I knew that they had come to our home from Salem; now I know where they stayed.


Small world :slight_smile:

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that’s the truth, but they take the credit !!

I have friends who got ill when in America and families stayed in Ronald McDonald houses, we are one in Ireland, you sleep in chair if you baby or child is sick in hospital

I hate to be doom and gloom, but you are going to have a very hard time getting a host to give away a place in SF. SF has a very strict 90 day max for full house rentals, and most hosts (myself) included try to max out the $$$ for those nights. You may want to try Home Exchange?

Oh, and don’t forget CouchSurfing: That site is for people who host others and list their space for nothing but love and fresh air.

Oh I wasnt expecting anyone to give anything away for free on the host side. If I’ve offered a break it’s rarely because it was requested. Like an EMT from NYC that turned out worked for the same service a friend does. Or that guy the day his mom died. He didn’t ask.

Just wondering if there was a program. Next time air needs good PR I’ll suggest something to them like offsetting the cost. Those families would be good future customers!

Oh thanks! ill have to look into CS. Cheers.