Does Airbnb auto remind guest about check out time?

I tried to search for this info but didn’t find an answer. I think the answer is no, but I’ve only been a host and never a guest.

No, they don’t. It would be good if they did!


I agree! Thanks for the reply!

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That’s a good question and a great idea!!!

No they don’t, but I do. I will send a message that says “Automated message from your host: Just a reminder that checkout time is 10am”


What a good idea - may I steal it? I send a message the night before the guests leave but I’m thinking that an ‘automated’ one might be a good idea too.

Absolutely, I find it easier than trying to do it face to face. I work at noon and getting them out on time is high on my priority list if I have a turnover that same day.

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If possible, we just discuss the guests plans in general. Eg, “So what are your plans tomorrow after you leave?” This may give you an insight about their planned departure time. If they reply with “we are doing a leisurely drive home” or similar, this is a red alert for you to remind them of check out time.

When possible, we often offer an extra hour or two as a favour. At least when we do this, they are highly appreciative and tend to make that a new deadline.

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Because I normally have longer term guests who are renting a room from several days to several months, it usually will come up in conversation as our paths cross in the house. “What time are you getting on the road in the morning?” or “When is your flight on Friday?” If sending a reminder through Airbnb, because they come early and leave late during the time they are in the house, I write something like this…

“I hope that you have enjoyed your stay. Just a quick reminder that Check-out is tomorrow by 9 AM. Please don’t worry about making or stripping the bed. Please leave towels hanging on the towel bar in your room or in the bathroom. If you have any food in the fridge or cupboard that you don’t want, please leave it and I will take care of anything left behind, along with emptying trash. Remember to check around for any belongings around the house, in the kitchen or bathroom, or in your room. I will be home in the morning when you leave and would like to collect the key from you and say farewell. It has been wonderful to have you stay in my home.”

Of course, another host would customize to fit their specific house rules, etc.

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