Does AirBnb alert you if they're holding your payment?

Over the past three months, I’ve received notice that my AirBnb payment has been processed by 7 am the day after my guests check in. But they’ve all been short stays. My current guest is staying five weeks and checked in last night. It’s now 2:30 and I’ve heard nothing about the payment being sent through.

I know their policies say that sometimes those payments will be held for a month, for new hosts. But I didn’t think I risked that without some advance (or contemporary) notice. I’ve also had 15 stays, all but one five star review and no issues. and reviews as a guest since 2012. It’s about $2000, and I really can’t afford to not have that money for the next month- especially at this time of year. Trying not to panic as it is still the day after. But worried. Is there anything I can do if they have decided to retain it?

I’ve never heard of this and never experienced this. I had long stays within my first few bookings so this makes no sense and like you, I’d be expecting and relying on the $$$$. Please call Airbnb if no message about release of funds and keep us posted with the outcome so we can all learn.

Long stay (NOT a good idea) or Short stay, Air usually gets payments out within 1 or 2 days. It’s only been one day since this guest arrived – afternoon to afternoon – don’t worry until mid-day tomorrow.

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Yea, don’t be worried. You should get later today or tomorrow morning at latest. With over 250 rentals I’ve never waited pass the second day.