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Does a water hose run full blast with a slip and slide?

One of my guests asked if she could bring a slip and slide. The rental uses a well so I am leaning towards not allowing it.

Does a water hose run just slightly, or do you turn it on all the way the entire time the kids are playing on it? I am just trying to get some idea of how it works, and how much water. I haven’t been on one since I was a kid.

I am also weary of the guest innocently forgetting to turn off the hose.

Don’t let them…That’s ridiculous. Tell them to go enjoy the lake… The liability and water usage are unacceptable.

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Okay…so it is A LOT of water then and hose does run the entire time on full?? I just wanted to confirm before responding to the guest.

I am glad she had the decency to ask…phew! In my house notes it does say guests are not to attempt to fill the pond with the hose as this could drain the well. And you know the reason it’s in there is because someone was doing it!

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If the hose wasn’t on full blast, there wouldn’t be much sliding action.
Frankly… that a guest would ask this sends up a few red flags…
Do they think your property is an amusement park???

Go to the damn lake and enjoy nature, stupid guests! :smile:


I let her know it wasn’t possible and said I did appreciate her checking beforehand.

Thanks for the info!

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Sounds like potential accident - and possible liability claim against your insurance carrier.

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Excuse my ignorance - what is this?


Although I confess I loved using these as a kid.

Not a ton of water, really - but, my worry would be about it tearing up the lawn. The lawn does get soaked, and the kids are running around - could get very messy.

But hey! How nice for them to ask!!

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I’ve never seen those before - I would love one as an adult!

Kona’s link has fancy schmancy one. But then again…that’s probably the norm in this century. This is the type I grew up with in the eighties:


Come to think of it, me too. The fancy one is the newer version.

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