Does a 12 guest home (vs. 10 guest home) greatly increase bookings?

Currently my home can support 10 guests. But we’re thinking of buying two extra beds to accommodate 12 guests.

One person told this greatly improves bookings. Any experience here?

What did the person who told you this based this information on?

Real life experience

I would never host large parties, too much of a cleanup and I have noticed that a lot of the bad reviews involved large parties.Too much noise and then the neighbors complain…

I really wouldn’t take the word of one person. Whether it increases bookings or not, it increases the likelihood of partying, damage, additional wear and tear. There’ll be more laundry, more cleaning and higher utility bills.

You’ll also have to recoup the cost of the extra beds and bedding before you can truly gauge whether it’s worthwhile.


We have our place set up to take more than 14.
To be honest, the answer to that question is very location specific.
I suspect if you’re located around disneyworld large listings can be a great idea.
However, in many markets, large bookings of that nature are few and far between!
If you can do it, and it won’t cost you too much, give it a shot.
We for example are set up to host 14+ but since October we’ve only had one group of 14!
It cost us a lot more to prepare the listing for those numbers than we have made! So it’s a long term experiment!

How many bedrooms and baths does it have? What is allowed and legal?

Really depends on area. I have one that sleeps 18. Every weekend books, but midweek is horrible. I have to rent individual rooms midweek. The differnce between 12 and 14 does not seem great. But there is an expression " its all about heads and beds".