Do you use service to clean your Airbnb?

Do you use a service like Guesty, Urban Bellhop, Pillow, or Handy to clean your Airbnb?

I got a couple coupon codes from Handy. They’re rolling out a service for Airbnb hosts to use them for automatic cleaning so I’m giving them away. (5 total, 1 per person)

-> Enter here to get them

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Hey guys,

I run a company called MaidThis! Cleaning and we do short-term rental specific cleaning. Happy to give a $15 discount off the first cleaning for anyone on this forum, just shoot us a note and mention AirHostsForum!


Hi @DC_Host! I’m Michelle from Pillow. We’ll take care of the listings, cleaning, and guest management for you. Hassle free hosting! Check out our website or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We also have a promo code PILLOWGO for 3 free bookings. Our service areas are expanding very soon - stay tuned.

Rest Easy!

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