Do you use apps?

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum, and will be a first time host this weekend! (eek!)

I’m wondering whether you guys use any other apps alongside airbnb to make your guests more at home? I heard about Pearlshare on the getpaidforyourpad podcast and have already sent my guest some recommendations for nearby places - which seems to have gone down really well!

What else do you guys use - and why should I use it?

I use a ton, but depends what kinda thing you’re looking for. There’s the Plum, a virtual light switch dashboard, Aros for easy A/C budgeting and management, SkyBell for personalized security…and more here

The truth is you can get a little carried away with all the tech toys out there, but most of them are fun for both the guests and the hosts and also allow you to better manage the goings on in your place…can’t go wrong with a little back to the future hosting : )

Hey John,
I found an app last week which is called Your Porter ( Since I have 8 listings, it helps me schedule daily cleanings with my cleaning lady.

The most useful part of it is that, I can send my guests an online form within a customised email and ask for their arrival details.

When the time comes for their check-in I can see their estimated arrival time on my timeline and even see if there is a delay on their flights, so I do not lose time waiting for them at the apartment.

I believe hosts with more than 3-4 listings should take a look.

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I’m using a lot of smarthome devices and my guests generally love them - especially the younger ones. The problem I had was that I didn’t want to share my usernames and passords with my guests and I also didn’t want them to have to load up an app for every device I have (Nest, Philips HUE, Lockitron, Garageio, etc…). It took a while, but I finally found a really good way to solve the problem. I get my guests to load up one app called “Myknock” and then I share access to my connected things with them. Once they check-out, I remove them as users and make new ones for the next guests - it’s really easy and works great. It’s free too -

Hope this helps!