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Do you use an online calendar? Which one?

Hello Everyone

A bit not exactly a hosting question, but sort of.

I’ve used the outlook calendar for years and it’s been ok. However, they just revamped the product and now it’s terrible. There are several issues but the main one is that I can no longer expand the weeks so that I can see all my appointments in one week. Now, if I click ‘expand’ it only expands that one day in a different window. Also, it only allows 10 calendars, or, categories. I’ve got at least 13.

I tried google calendar but it does the same thing - only shows 4 events on a day, and if I need to see all the events in the day, opens only that one day, as opposed to allowing me to see my entire week - which is necessary for me to not over book. I have school events, kid’s classes, airbnb, work, church activities, medical, my menu, and more. On most days I have 5 or more items on the calendar.

I tried calendarwiz and that’s ok - but they put to much detail making the calendar very cluttered.

Anyone have any suggestions?

https://www.availabilitycalendar.com ?

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I’ll check it out - thanks.


I am rebuilding my website and I was looking for a nice calendar to show with my rooms.
This seems perfect, and a lot cheaper than the option my hotelsoftware is offering.

Thanks, @Mearns. I just use a google calendar on my website but I also sync to and from it for my own scheduling. This would look nicer, though.

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