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Do you roll your nasty suitcase through your own house?

Just curious. I don’t get out and travel much. I actually upgraded to a suitcase with wheels about 6 years ago. I have only used it once so I suppose the wheels aren’t black and dirty…not even sure.

There were a lot of black marks from last guests (I have to assume from suitcase wheels) and was just wondering how you all deal especially if you have white carpet. Luckily I have hardwood floors, and area rug here and there.

Is this normal behavior that people would do in their own homes? I’m not going to bother with adding another rule or anything, unless the behavior starts to become a major issue. IT hasn’t happened that often over the years. But what the hell is on the wheels? Is it all just scum and dirt - what is making it black and tar- like?

I find myself particularly careful to run the wheels over the floor as there may be bits of rock or other debris that could scuff the surface of the hardwoods.

It’s a mix of floor and ground grime, as well as bits of the rubber from the wheels that wear off as they degrade.

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Unless I knew I had rolled my case through mud I don’t think I would think twice about it, but then again, I would probably not be bringing a rolling suitcase to the Adirondacks. :wink:

How about a clear floor or carpet protector over the paths folks take to their rooms? OR offer to carry their bags.


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I do ask my partner if he offers to help carry the bags in. He said he does sometimes. Most guests seem to want to get the tour through and then the whole family (up to 6 guests) begins to unload their vehicles.

These marks were going up the stairs, and all over one bedroom floor. I guess you’re right that guests don’t think about it. I wonder if they would pick up the suitcase if there was white carpet. I have a feeling they wouldn’t. I just cannot imagine having to remove those black marks from a carpet.

Another example of how guests are airheaded and careless. I would NEVER roll luggage INSIDE A PRIVATE HOME that had hardwood and carpet. Rolling luggage wheels is for airports and terminals, not the inside of someone’s home.



And their luggage wheels roll right over the gravel driveway too! Sometimes it is wet from the rain! No pavement at all.

Pet peeve. Guests have destroyed the front steps on both my 2 front porches of my houses, and we have already repainted and will be replacing boards this year. Cost of business but I grit my teeth and bite my tongue.


They do it ALLLLLL the time.

They clomp down the stairs with luggage, sometimes letting it bump on each step. They roll it over my wooden lanai. I mean… CLUELESSS!!!

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