Do you print out an inventory of items in the house?

I was reading the thread about what items get stolen most often and I thought a good idea could be to leave an inventory list and the charge in case they go missing or get permanently damaged.

I rented a temp. furnished place once (through a real estate agent) and the contract had an appendix listing what exactly was available in the house when I checked in and the agent made me check everything when entering the place. I think it could be a great way to discourage theft.

Where I live there is a ban on imports and some stuff are extraordinarily expensive compared to US or EU, so I don’t want my guests to feel overcharged, but rather make them aware of this. Also, finding a “surprise” could also impact the next guest stay (I.e. If they break the air-con remote and don’t tell), so I was thinking to put a surcharge in case the guests won’t tell about the damage.

Also, do you think that this kind of petty crime happens necessarily in lower priced properties, where budget travelers are likely to stay?

No. I don’t think there is a correlation between honesty and desire or need to live within a budget. Here in the US we always hear examples of penny pinching millionaires. OTOH, some of the biggest crooks, thieves anc scammers are the super rich. You can check any history book for details.

My rental is a room in my home which I have rented between $23 and $79, averaging $45. Over 180 guests and I’ve seen no difference between those who paid more and those who paid less.