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Do you need to pay income tax in France if you live in the UK?

We live in the UK and rent our French ski apartment through AirBNB.

We declare all income through our annual UK tax return. Our understanding was that this would exempt us from having to declare income tax in France also.

We’ve just received a message from AirBNB that has made us wonder whether this is correct (see excert below).

Anyone else come across this?

All help appreciated.


As a valued member of our host community, we’d like to remind you where to find important information that you may need to file your annual tax return this year.

The reporting of your income is independent from the tax withholding requirements implemented in France from 1 January 2019, and independent from the automatic reporting of users’ earnings by platforms to the Tax administration. This means that you will still need to report the gross income that you earned in 2019 to the French Tax Administration between April and June 2020.

You will need to report the income in both countries - but you can deduct the tax already payed in France, in UK

Many thanks Bettina

Are you in the same or similar position?


Whoever told you, you only pay tax in one country is sadly misinformed @simonopt

I would suggest you speak to an accountant about this who has experience in British/French tax affairs so you can set this up on the most tax effective way.

Ask for recommendations on one of the French expat forums.

Many thanks Helsi. Very helpful. I’m now clear on the situation and can act accordingly.

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