Do you leave a review everytime your guest does?

I am looking for a place to book on air (I host as well) and had it narrowed down to two places that I liked the same, within $5 of each other and blocks from each other. I couldn’t decide so I looked at the host profile and clicked on people who had left them a review. One host left “Jane Doe was a great guest” on every review I saw of hers (which is fine) and the other host left NO reviews for her guests…I checked like 10 and none had reviews.
After seeing this, I would prefer “xx was a great guest” over nothing. I leave reviews for all my guest (except one which is a long story) and if they leave me a review they get 10% off their next booking. I find it odd that a host would not leave a review for her guests who DID leave her a review.

Do you review every guest or just some?

I review all my guests even the ones like my last one that broke house rules and stained my sheets.(although I am waiting for the end of the 14 days to do so.) I have also seen hosts from my part of town that leave the same one sentence review and it just comes off as lazy and tells me the host is not that involved. Even on the times that the guests arrives late and leaves early I always at least comment on how they left my studio.

@Carmen I am the same, I leave a few sentences about how they left the house, if they followed the rules of the house, how long they stayed and how our communication was. I always end stating if I recommend them to other host and if they are welcome back to our house. To see a host leave NO reviews is just weird and the one liner review is lazy!

He or she might be old and not know to do this…let her know why you booked somewhere else. I would appreciate it if I werethat host.

I do a lot of one liners - sorry!! Mainly because our properties have lock boxes and there isn’t much need to interact with our guests unless they need something or something went wrong. I usually do a pretty generic ‘XXX was a great guest, easy to communicate with and treated our house with respect’. Obviously, if that didn’t happen, I will add a tidbit about what they did that was unacceptable. I also don’t always leave reviews. I would say 70% of the time.

I do, just so I can see what they wrote. :smile:
If they don’t review, I don’t. Unless it is a crappy guest, in which case I wait for the very last second. I’ve only had to do that once in six years.

Absolutely I leave reviews for my guests. There is the Public part and the Private part. Publicly, I’ll be “nice” at least, and effustive if they really were great guests. If they leave a mess or violate the rules, I will zing them about it in Private. If I ever get a really crappy guest, I will chastize them in Public as well as in Private.

I do leave a personalized review for each guest. If you see a review from me that is not very personalized and states just the facts, that’s a heads up that I didn’t like the guest :slight_smile: I think reviews from professional airbnb hosts are fine as one liners. Me, I’m renting out a room in my home, so it’s just naturally going to be more detailed. I also make sure that once both reviews are open I respond with something nice to the guests review, unless they were a poor guest.

I’ve left a review of every guest I’ve hosted. To me it’s common courtesy, particularly if they’ve been great guests. It’s also common courtesy for the other hosts, so they have some kind of heads up on who is enquiring about their property.

I’m one of those hosts who doesn’t always leave a review - particularly if the guest doesn’t.
The reason is that sometimes I don’t want to prompt them into leaving a review when I suspect everything hasn’t been 100% for them.

The other reason is that sometimes I only see my guests when they leave or arrive and the whole process takes about 5 minutes. Then I go up to clean the room and it’s not what I’d call a ‘good guest’ and it’s not so bad that I’d ding them for it in a review. So I feel it’s more damaging to a guest to get something like this “Jane Doe stayed for two nights and I only met her for a few minutes when she arrived. The room was left so-so,” than to get nothing at all. Guests critique a space, location etc. Hosts are critiquing a person - much more difficult.