Do you laminate?

I’ve resisted labeling things in the apt (like light switches) and leaving laminated info sheets around as I felt they created an impersonal vibe. But I think I may be making things more inconvenient for guests and I should just give in. I did label light switches last month (BIG FONT for older folks) and I’ve been thinking of making a laminated card for WiFI, and maybe Check-out instructions. This info is currently just on my “Welcome” sheet that I print out and leave on the table and it generally survives 3-5 guests.

I put my welcome sheet in a page protector so I can change it out. I have wi-fi log in info in a clear plastic picture frame that stands up.


I do the same for my wifi info.

Me too! Like this …


I put the wifi, ‘next bus’ info, house rules, etc, on one page in a pretty frame, that I hand to them at check-in.

When I had it in a ‘welcome’ book, no one ever read it, and the first thing they did was walk up the stairs to ask for the wifi info. :unamused:


That’s super cute!, love it!

We have a whole 2" thick ring binder full of plastic protected pages – wifi codes, laundry rules, other house rules, local restaurants we recommend, our breakfast menu, emergency information, etc. including locals travel spots, restaurant menus, local activity brochures, newspaper clippings about local hot spots, etc.

Malaga – this looks great and much better than the Helvetica or Times New Roman that any prison or mental institution would utilize.

How did you create this?

Same way I “create” all my cards, art, notices etc… bought it as a download off Etsy!

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I put all the info in Google docs and just send the folks a link.