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Do you know someone who can build me a great cheap website for independent bookings?


There is no fee on Houfy. @adrienne12 must be referring to OwnerRez or something else that charges $30 a month?? Anyway, go ahead and complete your listing, update rates, sync calendars, etc. Join the Say Yes to Houfy group - it is a “working group” where all of us are testing and helping to develop the site. Get your payments setup. Currently Stripe and Square are offered.

This was posted yesterday by Thijs (owner of Houfy) - he explains this is not just a listing site, but it will show you some insight into how Houfy will work as “market-network” and not just a marketplace. Real estate sales with zero commission, long term rentals, and other things are also coming down the road. So def. not just a vacation rental listing site…that is only one aspect - and first and foremost it’s a site to share information.

Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom…cuz I thought I was finished reading it, and there was more:


The only thing I used import tool for was the Air calendar.
If I should delete my photos can I import them en masse with the captions?
Say yes to Houfy --is a facebook group?

Can I use paypal as payments?


Do this - join the Say Yes to Houfy FB group. You will be asked for your listing. Then Thijs will verify you, and you can ask him directly. There are certain rules with only importing your listing once, so he is able to fix any issues - in case you need to re-import. You just need to go through him to do it.


PayPal is soon to be integrated. However, you are welcome to just accept the booking and continue to use PayPal on your own to invoice guests. You do not have to use any payments on Houfy; they are just offered for those who don’t want to collect payment outside of the system. Houfy will not hold any funds. So that is directly between you and the guests.


@gypsy and @cabinhost - I use Square because I really like their invoicing and recordkeeping. I have used Houfy and my own website to communicate with guests, get booking requests and then I send them an invoice, with any contract I need attached, through Square.


@gypsy sending you a PM now…


Sorry @cabinhost just saw this. No I don’t know how to get them side by side yet. I do have the book now button on my website linked to the Houfy page.
I’m loving being part of Houfy. Such a great supportive group and so easy!


Cabinhost you were right. I was thinking about ownerrez


I have 30 years of IT experience and date back to the day when all websites had to be hand coded HTML, but when it came time to set up a web site for my tour company, I did it on Squarespace. You build the site by drag and drop, uploading your photos and text. You have a wide choice of templates and page styles. They have a free trial so you can build a test site. Cost includes hosting, domain name. They have links to a variety of booking and payment software, but I just created a link to my youcanbook.me booking page so my passengers can book online. I invoice deposits through Square for online payment after I approve the booking. You can see it at https://www.customjuneautours.com


@nordlinghouse, how do you weed out bed guests?

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