Do you know RedAwning?

Does anyone know RedAwning? It seems they copy listings from and publish them on their own site AND on other sites. They change prices to have their profit. They don’t ask the owners of the rentals for permission.
Sometimes their software creates multiple entries by mistake. Can this be legal?

On the screenshot you see two apartments. On the left are the listings published by the host himself, on the right the RedAwnings copies.

They hit my area back in April.

I called Airbnb and had some mails with the trust and security team.
Now Redawning was kicked out. The user was deleted and all the 488 listings are gone.
… and I’m happy :slight_smile:


Hi! Red Awning seems to be back on airbnb. I found this thread while googling to see if they were legit or not. (“when something seems too good to be true…”) The listing I saw was in Jax FL (it won’t let me include a link here)-- and when you click on the host tab, it lists 120 or so more. I hate sketchy people. :frowning:

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Whether or not Red Awning is sketchy is likely in the eye of the beholder. Airbnb’s relationship to high volume hosts, third party bookings and and property managers has only been strengthened since this thread was started in 2016.

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Also, I assume “Jax” FL refers to Jacksonville, but this is an international forum so keep that in mind. For clarity’s sake it is best to avoid regional nicknames.