Do you have to necessarily pre-approve or decline a booking inquiry (not booking request)?

If you respond to the message but neither pre-approve nor decline an inquiry, does it count against the host in any way? It used to not, but I’m no longer sure and don’t trust customer service to know the right answer.

All you have to do is answer the inquiry within 24 hrs. I’ve been hosting since 2016, have never declined an inquiry and only pre-approve if the guest has sent a nice inquiry message (as opposed to “Is there parking?”) and I see they have a history of good reviews.

I usually pre-approve because I think the algorithm would prefer that.

Then I send a long list of disclosures that discourages them from booking.

IME with my listing, people who inquire are not desirable guests . So I don’t want to host people who inquire. I only want direct booking, they tend to be easier to host. People who ask questions that can be easily answered with Google or chat gpt are not my target market.

I rarely answer questions in an inquiry as it’s not a good use of my time. That also discourages people who inquire from booking.

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I’ve had plenty of guests send an inquiry asking questions, none of which would be easily answered by Google or chat gpt.


I’d consider answering those questions if the inquiry is thoughtful and uses atleast a hello. many just ask a question like this “do you have a Keurig”?

I don’t want such guests.

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Yes, those types of inquiry messages indicate a complete lack of social graces.


I dont mind an inquiry - thats what it is, an inquiry!!


I don’t mind it either… just prefer not to host people who inquire :slight_smile:

The craziest part that we experienced with an inquiry was that the guest had a perfect track record but still asked if he could only book the minimum amount of nights instead the actual time that he needed accommodation for so we would block that time frame for him :joy: so he could stay in case he liked our place plus the request to pay outside of Airbnb. :man_shrugging:t2:

Before I was able to send my response he instant booked our place for the duration of his intended length and in the end left a 5 star review.

It was a first for us to not get an inquiry due to a low or bad track record (requiring a pre-approval) but only to contact us upfront.

Although I use IB, I like to get inquiries. Yes, some of them could be answered by reading the listing carefully or asking Google but an inquiry is the first contact with a potential client and for me, a sales opportunity.

It’s my first chance to sell our place to a potential guest and show how helpful I can be in addition to further details about the rental. Most of these turn into bookings which in turn become repeat guests.

One bloke who drove me half crazy with his questions became a model guest and he and his wife have stayed with us at least once every year.


So… you’re saying you dont mind an inquiry, but you mind it?