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Do you have a location with a trout stream on the property?

Do you have a location with a trout stream on the property located in the any of the following states:
New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Connecticut?
Let me know.

@bbqbrisket this site is not run by airbnb and they way your question is worded I’m wondering if you think that it is?

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The post is for “hosts”.

Not that you aren’t welcome to post here, but have you tried searching Air itself for this? Or google with those words.

That;s it exactly. There really is no “forum” as you’ve suggest; that I know of?

Search Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and Google, for Roscoe, NY. In the Roscoe area, you are either on a trout stream or near several. Note: A little late in the season right now.

Thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately, those searches are very broad and the results yield the “needle in the haystack” syndrome.

I have a trout stream on my property, but I am in Rhode Island. How come?

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I am interested in finding one to stay at.
It’s been almost impossible to find one digging through the lisitings on airbnb so I decided to try this route.
Can you refer me to a link on yours?

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