Do you have a floor plan in your listing?

I don’t know if it’s my architecture background but I alway feel the need to see a floor plan layout when looking at at Airbnb listings. It would give me an overview and save me a lot of questions for the host.

I’ve created a floor plan of my property since day one as a host and I did this for a couple of friends too. I am actually starting to do this as a service but I don’t want to spam with the link.

I was generally wondering if you think having a floor plan in your listing is a good idea.


I made a simple floor plan of our lower level of the house with doors and windows color coded for emergency exit (green - go, yellow - hard to open/difficult to get out, red - not an exit/opens to rose bushes). It is in the manual under the Safety tab. Don’t know if anyone ever reads it but I feel better that it is there.

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I can imagine this is mostly interesting for whole-house listings for groups, because it’s a very easy way to check if the layout would work for any given group. Years ago, when my friends and I were still going away for a friends weekend, I used to really appreciate the listings that came with a layout. Sometimes to decide in advance who would sleep where, but mainly to discard listings :grin:. Knowing this, I don’t really know if this is an interesting feature for hosts.

For our listing, an apartment with 3 private rooms we rent out separately, I won’t publish a layout for this exact reason. There’s nothing wrong with the apartments layout, but I don’t want people fussing about details and not booking because of them. And then there’s also the safety issue of publicizing the layout of your home.

Question: How does your service actually work? Suppose I tell you I want a layout of my apartment, how do you proceed?

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Not pertinent for our detached one-room cabana.

That’s interesting. I agree it’s useful for lager parties but also in the case of private rooms. I would like to know in advance what part of the property is rentable and how it’s related to bathrooms and shared spaces. In any case it’s better to have more information and discard a listing instead of being disappointed :slight_smile:

As for smaller apartments, I use it to feature some highlights of the apartment. I prefer professional black and white plans where you can put an accent on a particular part of the drawing. Most 3D home planners are colorful and into very much detail which I think is best left for the actual photos.

As for the service - I would send you a survey sheet where you can sketch your apartments, along with some general dimensions. The survey sheet isn’t really necessary - any sketch or drawing you have will work. Then I make the drawing in professional architectural software and send it to you for a review. You can see some of the plans I made.

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Yes, we show a floor plan. We rent out the entire house. One guest looked at it so carefully she caught a typo (2 bedroom #2’s).

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Those are nice drawings!
We were thinking about starting up a floorplan business aimed at Real Estate. Here in the US it’s uncommon to see floorplans ( in RE listings) , but in Japan and Europe the real estate listings all have them. But we haven’t taken it far at all. For air hosts there might be some interest, but you might find yourself on a wave of change if you find a way to supply RE floorplans.

I agree. I only rent a private room attached to my house but it has a private entrance. Showing the entrance, the room in relation to my part of the house, the location of the bathroom relative to the rest of the room and even the parking spot for the airbnb guest in relation to the rental could be helpful. I see Guthend’s point if the floor plan will only cast your listing in a dim light, then skip it. I think a floorplan would accentuate the positives of my Airbnb. And in the case where someone discards the listing after seeing the floorplan, it’s probably for the best. For example when people see how small the room is in a diagram they might not rent but they also won’t complain that the room is small. Or perhaps a couple who wants a romantic evening won’t want to have a connecting wall between their space and mine, they will find the detacted mother in law apartment.

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Yes I have a floor plan for a two story whole townhouse rental. It is helpful for clarifying bedrooms and loft placement for people who look at pictures and fail to read the unit description of “bedrooms up stairs on 2nd floor”.

I am required to present a floor plan to the city when applying for my STR permit. I plan on including it with my posting. I hope it will help distinguish the two units on my property as they are attached duplexes. I also painted the doors differently.

How much would you charge for the above drawings?

Thank you!
The real estate floor plans sounds like a good idea. I’m surprised to hear it’s not common in the US. In Europe some agencies put that as a front picture - I guess it gives you the most information in a single glance.

I did those for $49 each. I am just starting and I would appreciate any feedback on the price.

Also good so you know when you open the front door just which bedroom to run straight to in order to bag as yours.


@JamJerrupSunset A la Instant Hotel!


I think here the RE agents want to take you on a walk through, once they do that they think you will buy it through them (?) I dunno. It seems to me including a floorplan is an easy way to get some people really interested and to weed out others.
The quality of your drawings and the price both great. I have “Virtual Architect” . Which drawing software do you have?

I love those, I’d certainly use them for my listing - I love the way it clearly shows where they can and can’t go in a shared listing

I’d buy them for $29 each!

Interesting @David_Osborn how did you come up with that figure?

No scientific method… Just what they would be worth for me!