Do you have a custom website?

We sometimes get inquiries from friends, acquaintances or family who are not members of airbnb. We’ve had bad experience with cash on arrival before (waiting for bank transfer, currency exchange, cancellations etc) so prefer to take prepayments using credit cards. Do you have any recommendations for custom website builders where we can put up our listing, direct these people to it, and take credit card payments, without having to pay X% listing fees like airbnb or flipkey?
Ideally it should have a calendar reservation system, e-commerce shopfronts are ok, doesn’t have to be vacation rental specific.

In addition to Airbnb, I have a home based business with an e-commerce website. From my own research, there’s no way you’re going to get any sort of e-commerce functionality for under $50 a month and probably more, depending on the features you need. On top of that, you’ll pay 2 or 3% for every transaction. If that works for you, I used BigCommerce for awhile. Was able to create a really nice website. However, another simple and much cheaper option, if it works for you, would be to just get one of those Square or PayPal CC readers that plugs into your phone or iPad.

Check lodgify around 20 dollars a month. It s the one we use

This has been asked here already. See for example and


Those fees go a long way if you get into a difficult situation. We had a significant storm that blocked access to our location in the past year and they were able to relocate a guest. They have also come into play with some property damage repairs.

So, if you go it alone, do it wisely.


Hi @felixcat,

By they, I assume you mean Airbnb? Just to be clear…

Felix is right. That Air 3% goes a lonnnnnng way in serving hosts!! I wouldn’t take it off the platform unless it is someone I really really know.

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