Do you expect sheets and towels to be provided by host?

I am heading off for my own airbnb holiday and just discovered that if I don’t bring my own sheets and towels host will provide them at a fee of 15 euro per bed paid in cash on arrival.
Was not on his listing, seems very odd.
I would never expect my guests to travel with their own linens.

All of these things should be provided. That is bizarre.


If it’s a bed it should be provided. Even a sofa bed should come with a cover of some kind.

But towels don’t have to be provided.

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Make sure it’s not mentioned in the listing and then mention in the review. Unless I’m staying in a hostel I expect to have linens and towels provided. I don’t want to lug dirty linens around with me on holiday.


In some regions of U.S guests are expected to bring bed linens and towels from home. Jersey Shore is one area (I have heard) where it is considered a bonus for the host to provide those things.

Did host have it checked off under amenities?


Was it said basic items in the listing? (if yes it’s mean it should be included, if not well…)

Its not mentioned at all - I don’t remember how the subject came up, but luckily I found out before heading out.
I will certainly mention it in the review, as no one else who reviewed him did;
just so people have a heads up.
And yes, I had that experience in Ocean Grove, Jersey Shore as well, they gave them to us but we had to ask and agree to wash them.
This case we are in Italy, but also the seaside.

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Super tacky to ask you to bring sheets. Makes me think it probably isn’t very well attended between guests.


Everyone is different. That’s what distinguishes us from hotels.

We provide everything and I find, sometimes, I wish we didn’t. People who consider Airbnb to be a hotel are sometimes total slobs when it comes to using someone else’s linen.

I would die of shame if I left the towels in anyone’s house, even a hotel, the way I’ve seen some of our guests leave our towels. Die. Of. Shame. Makes you wonder how some people were brought up.

The worst are women who use your nicest, softest, whitest hand towels to wipe the makeup off their faces before bed. Do they do this at home? Probably not. But they don’t hesitate to do it on vacation. We provide make-up removal pads and cotton pads - doesn’t matter, they prefer the best towels.

I look at our towels at home and some of them are 20 years old - they don’t have stains on them. But the more expensive ones we provide to Airbnb guests are always getting stained. We’ve lost half a dozen expensive towels just this year. Guests can be really inconsiderate when it comes to towels.

So I do understand why some people would give up on supplying towels. Between the benzoyl peroxide, which bleaches everything it touches and the make-up, towel replacement gets pretty pricey pretty fast. And we don’t have access to wholesalers, unlike hotels.

I guess the best solution is to read the listing carefully. Most hosts say everything there is to be said in the listing somewhere.


Repeat; Its not on the listing.
Everyone gave it great reviews.

I get it… Some hosts here have found and purchased BLACK hand towels with the word “makeup” embroidered on them… Can be a good solution…

I don’t know how hotels deal with ruined towels except to replace them every other guest.

To go with my room decor, I offer black and red towels and never have issues. But then, most guests are here on a tropical holiday and make-up is rarely an issue.

It’s very common in this area for linens to be the guests responsibility. Camps, cabins, cottages, both in woods and lakeside frequently have that noted. Makes it much easier for cleaning. Important is that it’s NOTED in the listing.


On listing check if basic items are on or not

Often people bring their own beach towels to Hawaii… Which I find amusing. Why would you take up valuable luggage space with a beach towel? i do provide beach towels, and ask that guests not take house towels to the beach.

I had a Wimdu guest from Belgium who brought all his own towels…even his own dish towels! Odd!

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Under “Amenities” airbnb does not have a listing for sheets and towels, they should.
I guess they expect everyone would offer them.

This host mentions hairdryers, hangers, etc which are all listed as supplied.
There is a word “essentials” that is crossed as a no, but I take that as shampoo, etc.
That is actually quite a vague word and could leave to confusion.

In amenities it’s call: Essentials , (in Common Amenities)

Essentials, itäs sheets, towels and other basic products (like toilet paper). People can have or not (not compulsory)


I had someone stay who I assume must recently have applied fake tan. My toilet seats were stained with something black/brown which needed bleach to remove it as was my bed linen. I was not impressed.

If you hover over “essentials” it says bed sheets, towels, soap, and toilet paper. But you have to hover over it. Air really needs to do a better job at making this more clear.

I completely understand that travelers who are used to these things being provided…would never think to hover over this.

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Yes that sounds like bronzer… what the heck is with people… If someone stained my sheets like that I would claim on their deposit.

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They have chemical providers that sell them special detergents that remove stained and salvage damaged towels. That’s actually what I do outside of Air. I spend my days in the laundry rooms of hotels all over NYC solving their stain problems. If you think our guests are disgusting you haven’t seen anything till you go into a hotel’s laundry room.