Do you contact potential Guest A if B begins inquiring about the same days?

Awkward situation-I may block potential Guest A (PG-A).

PG-A inquired about a week stay next month. Days were open. Then she asked what felt like a million questions. I preapproved the request; she did not accept.

PG-B 10 days later booked that same week.

NOW PG-A is ready to book, thinks I should cancel current guests because she asked first also there isn’t another rental in the area that can accomodate her group with a full kitchen.

I explained Airbnb operated on a first booked basis and perhaps Airbnb CS could help her find a suitable space because I was not going to cancel the existing reservation.

One more message from her, and I will block her from future communication.

I stopped notifying guests when there was an inquiry for the same dates after a potential guest told me he would not be pressured into a booking and there must be something sketchy about my condo or I wouldn’t be using these tactics.
(My message to him said, “ Are you ready to decide about your reservation for —— to —-. Another Airbnb member is requesting those dates. You asked first so I wanted to let you know.” ).

Do you contact Potential Guest A if you get a booking request from Guest B for the same days?

Absolutely not, unless I really want them as a guest. But with a guest who is exasperating before they arrive? :roll_eyes: And the fact that she thinks you should cancel someone who put their money on the table tells you a lot about what kind of human she is.

I wouldn’t wait for the next message I would block her now.


Personally, I wouldn’t have pre approved. Sounds a tad high maintenance, but maybe that’s just me. My antennae would have been twitching after about Q2, and no, I’m not an insect.


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Nope. And I agree with K9KarmaCasa, guest A seems to not understand how Airbnb works and sounds like trouble.

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No brainer …

I have occasionally followed up if the first inquiry was more attractive, say more days, higher price, less people, otherwise strictly first come basis.


I think your message back to the guest feeling pressurised was perfectly courteous. It was kind that you gave them first refusal. We’re on instant booking so we’ve only ever give back to potential guests to advise that the dates have just been taken.


Airbnb is your business. A hotel does not hold a room without payment. Surely the guest understands you have only one listing and if this was the only place that was the perfect fit she should have booked. She sounds needy and entitled- you dodged a bullet. I think a welcome gift for your group B is in order :joy:


I wouldn’t want the whiny, entitled, maungy little madam staying in our rental. ‘Oooh, I asked first’ - is she three years old? And I agree that contacting a guest about another potential stay smacks of slimy tactics.


I used to contact Guest “A”. I rarely do that any more. They pretty much never booked anyway, and most of them never even responded.

However, if Guest “A” sounds like they will book and be good guests, and Guest “B” inquires on overlapping dates within 24 hours of my last Guest “A” communication, I might let Guest “A” know that someone else has inquired, and that we are “first-book first-get” and don’t hold dates.

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yes, I usually let the first inquiry know that I received another. I usually add “no idea if they will book” in the message. Hopefully that disclaimer doesn’t make it sound like i’m pressuring them.

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DO NOT left your left hand know what your right hand is doing. The first one to put money on a date gets it; NOT the first to ask questions and not book. People who ask “what felt like a million questions” instead of putting their money where their mouth is (boy am I full of platitudes tonight) in some sense ‘deserve’ not to get the listing.

Never tell potential guests that other are looking at specific dates. That’s tacky at best; pushy at worst.


We just had a traveling nurse book three months with us. Before she confirmed she asked lots of questions
And it didn’t seem like the reservation would be booked. My husband takes care of all the corospondence so I suggested he inform her that we fill up very quickly. That did the trick and she booked.

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This. Made me laugh.

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Sometimes if I pre-approve and they don’t book but ask more questions, I’ll remind them that I can’t hold the dates open (I know theoretically I could but I NEVER do) and that someone else could book (I’m on instant book). But that’s only if I want the reservation, which if they keep on asking questions, at some point I’m kind of done and don’t want them!

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Nope. I never block it out as an option either. I’d definitely block further communications. Guest sounds like a pain in the butt.

How do you block further communication?

I’ve been hosting for over a year and haven’t seen anything that suggests that I can do that. Would it also prevent them from booking my place again? I can think of a few guests I’d love to block from booking my place.


Select report button on your “communicate with guest page”