Do you charge guests for stained or ruined towels and linens?

I consider replacing a stained towel or two every couple of months as just a business cost but my husband thinks maybe I ought to charge the replacement to the guest deposit. I think of the deposit as only for emergencies and unusual damage – what’s your policy on this?

I’m with you. I think replacing stained towels or sheets every couple of months is just part of the cost of running your place as a business. You could get into a grey area (no pun intended) by claiming part of the deposit - was it stained before, how much did an individual guest contribute to damage. You can buy sheets and towels reasonably inexpensively and if it’s happening too often, build the cost in by charging an extra couple of dollars per night. I use 100% cotton white bedding in the guest room as well as in the rest of my house. It bleaches well, and lasts years looking good. I use dark grey towels that don’t show make-up or dirt. It keeps it simple.

I agree…it’s not always the last guest that’s caused the problem when it comes to wear and tear. If someone took towels (I have thick luxury ones), I might be tempted, but otherwise, no…this is the price of doing business, I think. It’s the same with sheets.

Wilburforce, what brand of sheet do you use?

I’m in Australia, so not sure you’ll have the same brands but I buy whatever is on sale. Last lot were called Fresh and are made in China. Before that I bought Sheridan. As long as they are pure cotton and have at least a 300 thread count they feel good. Sometimes I find really high thread counts makes them feel stiff and not nice to sleep in. Sometimes I can find hotel sheets online which are great and worth the investment.

If it’s happening frequently you could post a price list somewhere in your home that says : Towels: $10 replacement fee if stained or something like that.

I have 6 listings. I started off with eye catching bright color print bedding from IKEA for all my rooms. I bought 3 sets of bedding for each bed… 6 months and hundreds of guests later I decided to swap this out for new white bedding, bleach fixes a lot of problems. :slight_smile:

Bedding, towels, scuffs and marks on walls, broken glasses and dishes… All art of the cost of doing business you just have to budget the cost of these things into the rate you charge guests