Do you charge for late check out?

Does anyone ever charge for guests to check out late and if so how much ?

We rent 2 rooms in the apartment we live in.

We allow for early checkin and late checkout for free, provided that:

  • We don’t have other reservations the night before and/or after.
  • Guests arrive after 7AM (checkin) and leave before 10PM (checkout).

Since we can always have a last-minute booking we don’t guarantee this arrangement to guests. In case we get other reservations the guest has to respect checkin (2PM) and checkout (noon), meaning they can’t have their room outside of these hours. However we do allow them inside the apartment (read living room) from 7AM to 10PM and they can store their luggage during these hours.

If a guests wants his room guaranteed for themselves, they will have to pay for the extra night(s). So full night’s rate. We might deduct the cost of the breakfast.

Until now, these arrangements haven’t caused ANY problems or inconvenience to us or to other guests.
We did have one couple arriving at 2AM thinking that they wouldn’t have to pay for that first night, but that was another cup of tea.

We do the same as you do GutHend.

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Never set out to charge for late check out, but was offered $50 - so took it!

I’ve never charged for late check out however I see no reason why you can’t charge for if you wish. I imagine the charge will actually disuade guests as they seem to be very price sensitive on Airbnb .