Do you cap pet fees?

Let’s say you rent out a whole house and charge $15 a day per pet. But usually cap that amount at $75 or $90 per pet if guests rent for a full week. So for 2 dogs minimum would be $150 - $180 for the week.

Do you charge for pets again if they stay a full conecutive second week?

1 labrador and 1 Jack Russell - so much shedding is expected.

I will change the cleaning fee to something higher as well. I don’t allow pets but I know there is a big market for them.

I would maybe offer a “discount” to may 75-80% of the total (like $325 instead of $420). It would still be a lot cheaper than boarding, and responsible pet owners understand that there’s extra cleaning to do. Maybe offer to pay half of it back if they do an excellent job keeping it clean.

I just had a family that stayed for 1 night with a black lab and there was hair on all the bedding and in the shower? I’m so glad I said the dog couldn’t swim in the pool!

One of the things that I’ve learned in boarding pets in my home is that many, especially males, will mark in your home. And once one marks, another will, even if it’s cleaned up. There might even be a chair or something that the owners don’t even realized was marked. This is not about being housebroken, it’s about territorial marking. I would not give any breaks on dog price.


I now offer an old sheet and say “if your dog is going to be allowed on the bed please put this on top so I can minimize the hair on the bed linens.” Buy lint rollers in bulk. LOL.

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Yep, I whipped out the lint rollers!

I have two large non-woven throws and ask guests with pets to use them on the furniture. They only cost a few dollars each so if ever they get too hairy or torn, I can cheaply replace them. No problems as yet though and I had a guest recently with four (albeit small) dogs in the tiny apartment.

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How do you charge pet fee?

I tell guests that the pet fee is an extra person charge ($10 a night). If it’s a single person booking their pet it’s easy. It’s tricky if it’s 2 people with a pet because I only allow 2. So then they usually write and ask what to do and then I send them a special offer with the pet fee included. I look forward to the day when ABB makes it easy.

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I charge one flat fee of $65 per pet no matter how long the stay.

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I just posted a question about this, I have a potential guest that wants to bring her 2 small dogs and I want to add an extra fee for it. But I’m not sure how to add the fee just for her. I was going to send her a “special offer” with the fee added?

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I ask an extra fee for pets, it is in my listing.

I do not charge this extra fee trough the AirBnB system, but guests have to pay it in cash upon arrival.
Same with with all extra options they want like, a baby cot, or breakfast.

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Does anyone have step by step instructions for a guest to pay a fee? I requested an extra fee for pets and the guest is saying she can’t see it.

Yes. I send a message that reads:

"Here’s a link to the pet fee request.


One you accept that request and pay the fee we are all set."

Once you create the resolution request just send the guest the link with your resolution request number at the end. (that’s what the xx represent) I also had to put a space in after the // to remove the link to nowhere that appeared on my post. Hopefully you understand how to do it.

I learned that the pet fee request sent via the resolution center is impossible to find anywhere on the app. Airbnb sends an email I think but not everyone checks that. Especially if they are on the road.

I can only figure out how to charge a standard pet fee, how do you charge for more than 1 pet??? Please tell!!

There’s no way to do it with Airbnb’s pet fee default. You also can’t charge more for more than one night. That lends itself to setting a high pet fee which probably discourages bookings.

I’ve written in my listing that it’s a charge per pet and then I charge the additional via the resolutions center as described in the post just above yours. It’s a pain but I recommend allowing people with pets to stay as it makes you more competitive and most pet owners are responsible.

Edit to add: I just remembered you have carpet and carpet and pets are a match made in hell. I’d still allow for pets but get a black light and good stain remover and don’t be afraid to charge guests for extra clean up due to pet incidents.


That’s what I do. How is this wiring for you? Do you find you have less bookings due to it?