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Do you ask your guests to water plants?

For those operating separate house/apartment listings - do you ask your guests to water the plants during their stay?

We are living at the first floor but yes we ask it if they stay more than 2 days.

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My husband and I had a discussion about this yesterday. We put some new flowering plants in the garden of one of our houses - the garden is only accessible through the house, there is no back lane. I told my hubby that we’d better be prepared to replace the plants as needed as it’s been so hot here that without regular watering the plants wouldn’t last long. He said “the guests can water them”. I chuckled to myself. Yesterday we went to prepare the house for the next guest and my husband went to the back garden, and of course the plants are dead dead dead. He was surprised that guests wouldn’t have seen dry plants and not have given them a bit of water. I suggested that if we wanted guests to water the plants we should have that request in the house manual and even then, it would get done by only the most careful of guests.

Long story to say that I don’t think you can expect guests to water plants, or take in mail, or any other of the little things you might like to ask them to do. My guests are out by 10am and usually home well after dinner, and normally so tired they have a bath and fall into bed. I think that if specifically called or texted them to say “hey, it’s been super dry can you please water my basil plant” you’d have a better chance of it happening rather than asking them from the beginning to make sure plants are tended to.


Thanks. I’m in a similar position as your husband here- not looking forward to my partner’s “I told you so” after the next guest leaves and the plants don’t make it. Lol.

Going now to buy a watering jug and some Postits!!

Yes we do, but many forget

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@hypertokyo, can you get those plant watering globes where you are? That might solve your problem.


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No, we have retic on the tropical garden and cacti type plants on the non retic’d areas. Guests are told that the pool/grounds will be maintained as required during their stay. (just in case its pouring and the pool needs draining or its a heatwave and the gardens need extra attention.)
I wouldn’t want to put a ‘household chore’ on holidaying guests

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Sorry, what’s retic?

Wow. I hope so! They’re pretty, too.

Haha sorry, it’s reticulation (auto watering) , we Aussies tend to shorten everything!

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You can ASK your guests to do anything you want…but you can’t REQUIRE it unless you’re living there with them and want to threaten them with eviction if they don’t.

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I do! I always leave a note with the watering can, explaining that we get direct sunlight, and asking very nicely if they’ll water the plants. They always do!

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