Do you allow rentals > 27 nights? You may wish to consider it

Here is an article about people being tired of the same 4 walls and with a new found ability to WFH & attend school from home, they are seeking rentals to live in at vacation locations. Check it out.

Excerpt: “ Call it working-from-beach home or a “flexcation” (Vrbo’s term): A silver lining of this terrible pandemic might be that more people can play digital nomad. Unfettered by cubicles or classrooms and armed with laptop computers, some Americans are living, working, studying, and playing in impermanent locations. ”

National Geographic article. “Guide to renting a house during a pandemic”. 8 minute read.

I think this one is open & doesn’t require a subscription

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I wrote an article a while ago about a service called 2nd Address that specialises in longer term rentals. The thing I like about it is that it does background checks.

It’s only in the USA though and not all areas are covered. It’s worth a look though and it works pretty much like Airbnb but geared more towards corporate guests.


I agree, during this pandemic my rental was booked by New Yorkers that worked remotely. Many couples rented for 2 or 3 weeks. They all mentioned they were tired of being locked up in a small NYC apartment, then the riots started so they didn’t feel save working outdoors in NYC. At least with the rental property they had lots of outdoor spaces in which they could still work remotely and feel safe.


One thing I thought was interesting was that the desirable rentals were within “driving distance” of the guest’s full time home. In other words they want the option to nip home during their rental.

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I read an article over the w/e about some countries, economically dependent on tourism, now planning to attract digital nomads to fill some of the gaps left by Covid 19 restrictions, eg quarantine on return.

Both Bermuda and Barbados are going to offer specific residency visas for working long term stays. Others will follow.


I absolutely hate Covid19’s occurrence and what it has done to our world and families. It has rocked my world in difficult ways.

If I can separate from the emotion of it, Covid19 has forced people and businesses And countries to think/operate in creative & different ways. I’m impressed at the willingness to operate differently and the successes found.

I hope we don’t lose the lessons learned like: caring for your neighbors, WFH and the flexibility of school from home (kids need to be in school but in the future nice option if family traveling or child needs to finish school year if family must move or Supporting shared custody with one parent out of the region)

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