Do you allow guests to lock their room?

For those guests who share one single room in their house: do you allow them to lock their room?

I am not too happy when I hear the door locking before they leave: it’s a fire hazard and the router is there.

If the router stops working I can tether the connection and wait for their comeback.
Fires are rare of course but it could be disastrous.
Finally, there is a smoke detector and if it goes off and I can’t get in the room the neighbors would be all over my case.

At the same time I want them to feel safe.

What do you guys do?

Yes they can lock their room but of course I have a key so it’s not an issue.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

I should probably get a copy then since all door keys are different here and my door key doesn’t open the guestroom’s door.

It’s not just a question of privacy BTW, but also of safety and liability.
If the smoke detector went off or if God forbid there was a fire, I supposed the flat owner would be on the hook for some major liability.

We have had prior discussions here about guests locking their door in a shared home vs other considerations. For many guests being able to lock the door is a major consideration and if it were not an option you’d probably find yourself getting blowback on reviews. A guest not liking no lock is much more likely than a fire. You might also look into moving the router to your part of the home.

If I were in a home with other guests I would definitely want a lock. I might trust you, the host, but I don’t know the others staying in the house. I don’t want a knicker sniffer or petty thief in my room while I’m out for the day.


If it is only you sharing your place with a guest, there is no need for a lock for their room.

Why not have your router in the living room rather than a bedroom ?

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Did you ever read the story I shared of me bursting into the guest room to run look out a front window? I saw their stuff and immediately shut the door. Some hosts need to be protected from themselves.


What are you like :slight_smile: :smile: @KKC

Yes I went through that old thread, but it was more about privacy than liability and fire danger.

Good idea on moving the router and definitely will be doing a copy as soon as the room is not booked.
That will definitely give me peace of mind.

A locksmith can key the locks so your key opens the guest locks but the guest key only works on there lock. Master key…


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I would not stay in a place that did not allow me to lock the room.

I am also surprised that you don’t have extra sets. What if the guest loses their key?

Another option is to put key coded doorknobs.

And yes, I’d move the router to a room you can always access.


If I were you, I would stop renting out the room.
It seems you are unable to solve simple problems which in the future will only lead to more stress.

… get a spare key…

Problem solved.


That sounds very judgmental and rather out of place in a forum where people share ideas, opinion and help.


is that you, Uppercase Ken?

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I have 2 bedrooms to let out, but it’s only to single party groups, so it’s 2 couples that know each other, or parents and kids. No point putting locks on their doors, as they are part of the same group, no strangers - other than me - in the house…and I’d have a master key, so a redundant exercise.
@lux7 how many rooms?
Can you spare £4/$6 for a spare?
It can only be a matter of time till they lock and lose, then you’ll have hundreds of monies to pay for a locksmith


In addition to locks in each room there are two in each bathroom and a smoke detector in every room. The entrance doors are keypad deadbolts and 2 CCTV’s. Sometimes having PTSD is a good thing.

I am trusting you with my home, my lovely artwork, books, expensive kitchen equipment, drinks collection and music system but you don’t show any trust in me as your host.

Really - what do you think I am going to do - rifle through your knicker draw :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want a guest who didn’t trust me as a host staying in my home.


Is that the sole possible explanation for a guest who wanted to lock their door?


Unless they sleep walk :slight_smile: @KKC ?

Seriously what other reason can you think of that guests might want to lock their door in a home they only share with a host?

There are a LOT of people with issues of various kinds. Compulsive behaviors for example. I have friends who come visit and use my bathroom and I hear them lock the door. Do I think they fear or mistrust me? No. I simply don’t take many things personally.

I see a lock as something that many guests desire and it doesn’t put me out at all to install one so I did. I had no reason to analyze why people want one.


I think a bathroom is different as it is a shared facility and people are used to locking a bathroom when using it.

I do understand your point @KKC , but whenever I have heard guests say they wouldn’t stay somewhere without a lock on their bedroom, they are normally concerned about safety of their possessions.

@Lynick4442 out of interest, why wouldn’t you stay with a host where there is no lock on your bedroom?