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Do you Advertise?

I started in April 2016 and have happily been booked about 80% each month. November has only been 45% booked and December looks very sad . I am not sure if its seasonal or the new AirBnb spaces in my area. I don’t live in a tourist area, I get mostly people visiting family/friends, a college nearby or a wedding. How does everyone attract more bookings?

It depends on your location but November to February is low season in most areas unless you’re in a ski resort or in the tropics.

As the CEO of a worldwide hotel chain once said, when people don’t want to come, they won’t, no matter what you do.

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Winter is our High Season here in SW Florida – all the Yankee snowbirds drift down from the "cold/wet/white’ of Canada, New England, and the upper Midwest.

Advertising, isn’t worth the effort for us. We lower prices in the summer months.

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I’m in Florida too but don’t reduce prices when we need to fill off season gaps. Promoting the rental on social media always works for us and is free :slight_smile:

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