Do the case managers have a manager?

All the case managers seem to be in a really bad mood and some dont know what they are even talk about? It seems that almost all customer service reps are case managers and air bnb has given them power like cops do and can hand out ticket at will. It seems the same. Every host gets 1 case manager and my case had never been gone higher. It seems that the case manager assigned has the mega power and what they decide is last and final call. Has anyone experienced this or an arrogant case manager. Just Curious. Most of the people i have spoken too seem like they dont even have enough info?

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I have to say all the case managers I have spoken to have been helpful @mummy

Yes there are supervisors.

What issue are you having difficulty with?

No issues was just asking.

I had some good and some bad. Just wanted to know everyone take on it.

I’ve never spoken to the same person twice. The first time I needed some help I had the experience you describe, so I ended the discussion (politely…), then called again and spoke to someone more helpful. The only plus I’ve experienced of getting SH is the provision of more experienced, knowledgeable and helpful support, and a dedicated helpline. I never email.

I’ve always had satisfactory customer service.

I think they have first line of defenders who answer the phone and can help with simple things. If it’s anything complicated it gets kicked upstairs. I know the phone answerers are call center people. I’m not sure if the supervisors are also call center or if they actually do work at Air. I really think they sub the whole thing out.

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It seems the case never gets escalated. You get assigned 1 case manager and the case manager decides on his or her expertise. If you ask to talk to someone else higher regarding it then they mention that they are the only ones they can talk to. Also I don’t know if anyone noticed them have nick names such as cody, sydney etc. but they never give out their full names.

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Have most of you had to contact or been contacted by these case managers at AirBnb? Do issues arise so often, you know your case mangers?! I find that worrisome.

Depends on which department.

According to Alex, a claim department manager - there are only 4 people in the claims department and they have no manager. I asked to talk to one a dozen times from different people and always the same answer.

Why Airbnb believes they shouldn’t have a supervisor for this important department is a mystery to me!


Lacasroja- We have had 536 bookings since we started. Yes, we had to use customer service maybe 10-15 times total. With my experience we have had either the guest cancel last minute and ask for a full refund or an issue about a review which I has posted earlier which is usually set in stone.

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I feel the case manager just standing on the guests side, some of them even teach the guests provide what kind of photos and asking about if they are any unsatisfied about the place they stayed which could help them to refund.
then close this case in a hurry after getting money from your account to guests. you can’t find others!