Do still provide extra goodies when you give a guest a discount?

I am only speaking of guests who initiate the discount request and you agree to it. Not the situation where you offer a small discount to repeat guests.

So if you provide a bottle of wine or any other goodies…do you still provide those things? Of course I am not speaking about toilet paper, and other essential you may provide.

I had a guest book directly yesterday and he stayed a few months ago. He came through Air originally. So he is saving on the Air fees, and I did “educate” him about being able to save without going through Air. He politely asked for discount. I offered him a figure and he agreed. However, I chose not to provide one “goodie” that I usually provide. It was only a few dollars worth - but a few dollars here and a few dollars there adds up.

I was just wondering if you all still provide the wine, etc. after agreeing to a discount that was inititated by the guest and not yourself.

Just curious, if he saved on the Air fee by booking directly with you, why did he also ask you for a discount (and why did you give one)?

If that is the scenario though, I would definitely hold back on one or more of the amenities, wine being the major one. I wouldn’t ‘reward’ my guest when he asked for personal enrichment.


The reason I gave one is because I am in dead season and the dates were two days away.

Not that high of a probability of being booked by someone esle so last minute, and he was very polite with his request.

The regular rate (excluding clean fee) was $195 a night. I offered $175 a night and took away the movie candy that comes with the theater room…lol. It’s not advertised but it is the one cheap goodie that guests do use. He still gets all the popcorn freebies though :slight_smile:

Yeah, if someone asked for a discount I would not hesitate to leave an expensive goody or two out. Especially since it’s a direct booking and you don’t have to worry about the review!

I only give discounts to guests who have stayed with us before. And yes, I do leave the same ‘goodies’ because that’s part of what they liked about our rental in the first place. :slight_smile:

There’s a difference though in getting the repeat booking discount and then the additional requested discount. Do you direct book with your repeats to give them the “discount” of no booking fees?

For me, I don’t really have any expensive extras like wine, just my typical snacks, fruit, and coffee supplies so I wouldn’t cut anything from mine out. But if I typically provided candy or wine and they asked for an additional $50 off, I’d drop the candy without hesitation. :slight_smile:

Usually, repeat guests don’t ask for discounts but if they do, then I’ll give them a small break. It’s worth it because I know that they are good, clean, quiet guests so there are no worries about hosting strangers. But yes, I give them the same goodies as the previous time - because maybe that’s one of the factors that made them come here again. :slight_smile:

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Wow, $195/ni. and a theater room to boot! I guess I haven’t seen your listing but it sounds like a winner.

Definitely leave the popcorn…or I won’t enjoy the movie.

I would offer whatever they received the first time, unless you mentioned that with the discount, they should expect a few less “complimentary” items. Maybe the wine is what made them want to return, or they don’t pick up a bottle of wine since they assume one will be waiting for them?

We had been leaving wine for guests, but when I redid my insurance our underwriter read through Air’s policies carefully. If alcohol is provided by the hosts it can nullify the Air policy. Not sure that that policy is worth anything, but we will be moving to chocolate just to cover all bases.


Goodness gracious, at $175 a night I would still provide a $10-15 bottle of wine. If He’s staying two nights that’s an additional $350 in your pocket that you otherwise wouldn’t have had and he is not only saving himself fees he’s saving you fees. And I wouldn’t take away any other amenities. I know I don’t have the same disdain for discount seekers that most hosts on this forum seem to have but really, a small attitude adjustment would probably serve you well in the long run.

That said, the amenities in my room change based on the situation. I have some towels and toiletries that are nicer than others. For example, return guests get upgraded. People who I meet and like might get invited in to my part of the house for fresh brewed coffee. People who are especially nice in their booking message get two bottles of water per person in the fridge. But I’m at $39 a night. So while I understand the impulse to reduce amenities for discounted stays, I just wouldn’t at that price point.


and @smtucker, yeah, if I was at that price point I definitely wouldn’t be withholding perks on a repeat. For me, I’m already one of the cheapest nice places in the area because I want to be fully booked and I make about 20% more being fully booked cheaper than charging more and having a higher rate.

For me, I want the high ratings. I’m a people pleaser. I had my feelings hurt despite myself because I got a 3* from a guy who complained about my entry stairs (disclosed and pictured) and un-upgraded bathroom. Huh, why do you think I’m one of the cheapest nice places? Because I’m in an old building! And I don’t get how you can rate me 5* on EVERYTHING but a 4* on cleanliness and then a 3* overall?!? Sorry, pissed and ranting.

So I don’t get super bent out of shape of discount askers, I just tell them that’s my rate and they can book once they realize I’m already the cheapest. And I go above for the great guests (which I thought that stupid 3* guy was, heck, he left us board games he was in town creating/shipping!)

But I work hard to give people a good experience, and if they come back that means they liked it. So I’m going to make sure it’s as good or better than last time. But if they ask for a further discount I’d discuss that I’d be willing to if they were willing to miss out on some of the more expensive perks in exchange. For the people who’ve never stayed and ask for a discount then I drop it no issue. Not like I have expensive perks…but I may not add extra fruit or breakfast choices.

I still pay the credit card fees to PayPal. I do entertain all discount requests.

I didn’t remove the movie candy boxes to be malicious… I was purely looking at it from a business perspective - I gave him $40 that he can now spend to take his girlfriend out to a nice dinner, etc. Or they can buy a lot of candy with it…lol.

It just puts a few dollars back in my pocket and they still got everything else I always provide, including their complimentary firewood.


Yes, I have done the negotiating in the past when someone asks for a discount. Sometimes I have discussed whether they will use one bedroom only, will they be willing to forego firewood, etc.

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LOL. Of course not. I just think a luxury rental should be a luxury rental with the same amenities regardless of the rate. I rented a cabin last year and one of the amenities was beer or wine. She told me if I ever wanted to come back to contact her directly and I’d get a discount. If I went on a discounted stay and saw there was no beer or wine I’d be annoyed enough to never stay there again. I think it comes across as cheap but if it makes you feel better, go for it.

You can always count on me to be honest. LOL.


In that case, If I had already offered the discount for a future booking…then yes, I would provide everything no matter the rate.

But it was a bit different because the guest was asking for the disount. Since I don’t provide an official “welcome gift” such as a bottle of wine, the movie candies kind of act like the welcome gift…but it’s not set up out in a basket or anything. The little boxes are laying on the movie seats.

So yeah…to me it felt a bit weird to still offer that, and yes it did make feel better to put $4 back in my pocket :slight_smile:

BTW - he texted late last night after they checked in and was ecstatic and gushing. I think he was overjoyed because he was able to avoid the $66 Air service fees on top of his $40 discount. The kid will probably never use Air again…haha…