Do snakes like to travel together?

Guests just texted to let me know there are black snakes living under the deck. They sent a video of two of them coming out from the deck into the grass.

It’s normal to have black snakes in my area and there is a pond at the rental that is chock full of frogs. I will have someone check into what it looks like underneath the deck. For all of you snake lovers, any idea if there is likely a whole family of snakes living underneath the deck. Anytime I have seen a snake it was by itself. So now am very concerened that since two were spotted together, an entire family may be down there.

Just to clarify…the guests did not say they actually looked under the deck. The video was being taken from up top of the deck.

Are these the same snakes you saw in the pot?

A quick google search says that snakes are usually solitary unless it is a mating pair. If there is more than one snake it might mean you have a lot of what snakes like … mice, toads, etc,

No, this is at the rental. No melt downs from me today…lol. At least not till someone looks underneath the deck.

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Thank you for looking that up cat. Even when I google things about snakes, the images get me anxious. Yes, there are tons and tons of frogs in that pond. Hopefully it’s that and not mice.

I am not a snake expert but if I had a cabin I would put out a “Welcome Blacksnakes” mat – aren’t they more or less legless cats when it comes to keeping mice out of the place? Disclaimer I was one of those kids always collecting bugs and frogs and garter snakes. I understand and appreciate some people do not like being around snakes.


Yeah, it’s hard to find the balance. I read the good snakes keep the bad snakes away. But how so?

And there is a stray cat that leaves hair behind on the outside chairs sometimes. I forget…isn’t it cats that keep snakes away? But I tell guests to not feed the cat.

And then if too many guests see snakes they may not want their children playing in the yard, and that’s the reason many of them book is because of the yard. Then again…they are renting a cabin in the woods.

And then the frogs…how many is too many? If the snakes weren’t there then would the frog symphony get even more out of control?

Ughh!!! I need me a true country girl/boy to figure all this out!

Most likely they are mating.

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