Do reviews by guests show up in order of creation?

Yesterday I had a couple leave by my request, they were up all night drinking and drugging, and generally making a gigantic mess. I committed myself to refunding his money for a second night and they walked out waddling down the road

The refund happened, and today I noticed that the guest had reviewed me. My question is this: I have many guests who stay two or three nights, if I reply to his review in a week or so before the review period is over with a few guests that I have in between the higher up than him? In other words his review ending September 12 will be lower than the review from September 15, 18th, etc.?

I am thinking to wait a week or so, and let a few reviews come in and then his will be third or fourth from the top. Am I right in thinking that is the case?

@Rolf first sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with this guest. I’m curious to know if now looking back on the reservation and booking process, you can see red flags that could’ve told you this was not going to turn out well. But that aside, to your question… I believe guest reviews are posted in chronological order with reviews from older reservations showing under reviews from more recent reservations… regardless of when the guest left the review. So even if he left a review after your newer more recent guests leave you a review, his review would still show under theirs because his stay was before theirs. So yes I do believe his Sep 12 review will be lower than a review from Sep 15th - because of when the reviews were left and when the reservations were for. On a separate somewhat related note, you can also reply publicly to his review… to possibly address and object to anything negative he may have said. Good luck with it and do share more about how you make out.

Yes, based on my observations, @skylar is correct. The reviews are sorted in the chronological order of the corresponding reservations, with the most recent being on the top.

However, there is a minor proviso. I recently had a review written in French. This wound up at the bottom of the heap, earlier than the review written for my first actual reservation. Someone said that non-English language reviews get placed earlier than the English language reviews. I’ve no idea if this is the case, or what rules (or bugs) apply in this case. I only have this one data point. I have noticed non-English language reviews before, but am not sure if they are specially sorted. It doesn’t help that Airbnb removes dates from reviews using unclear criteria.

@faheem, interesting and a bit strange… was the French review your only non-English one? Or if you have other non-English reviews, where did they appear in your reviews list?

Yes, that is correct. You can see for yourself - my listing url is in my profile.

@faheem Reviews are listed by language depending on where you are from. If you look at your listing on the French site, that review comes first:

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Hi @Magwitch,

Ah, that’s very interesting. So this is a feature, not a bug. Great, that makes a change. I guess the assumption is that English language speakers would be less interested in a French language review?

@Magwitch and @faheem, so the order of reviews changes based on the language of the review, not the country of the reviewer? For example, if a guest with residence in France leaves a review in English, their review will show in chronological order amongst other English reviews to visitors from both US and France correct?

Good to know. What I wonder is the stars. For example, it tells you " the last 5 … gave you 4 stars" but is it by reviews chronological order or reviews or when you receive them?


I would like an answer to this one too!