Do professional photos increase bookings?

I am thinking about getting professional photos done. Do they really increase bookings?

To be honest, I don’t think it matters. I used pictures from my cellphone and the property books easily in the summer. I think the key is to provide pictures of clutter free spaces and pay attention to small details. For example, make sure your bedspreads are wrinkle free and bed looks inviting before taking a picture. Clear clutter off the counters in the kitchen. Take pictures of outdoor spaces and when taking pictures of the bathroom, put down the toilet seat and close the shower doors.


They might, I don’t know. I suspect they must increase expectations though. My photos are simple iPhone snapshots but have been working fine for me and I love it when people walk in and are super-excited because, I guess, it looks better in person :woman_shrugging:

Last year when I was getting my first listing ready, I joined this forum and learned and took to heart @KKC’s (I believe) solid advice “under promise and over deliver”. It is working for me but if I wasn’t getting enough bookings then I would probably change my photos but not necessarily get professional photos.

I’ve never been to a STR or hotel that looked as good as its professional photos. Maybe in Southern CA but only because the natural light there makes everything like look a professional photo in person ,)


good photos are important, but I don’t like the professional ones! They look a bit estate agenty (real estate in US?), seem a bit generic. Most guests aren’t expecting a corporate experience, and the dazzlingly bright and stretched photos do look more hotel brochure than necessary.
(I can normally write better than this)


I would recommend it. You can usually find a Real estate photographer to do them for under $100. I think it helps the appeal. The photos are a good bit nicer.

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Got my digital SLR out, but couldn’t fit much in, I needed a new lens, knackers to that, Just used my cameraphone in the end.

You should use a glass :wine_glass: next time.


Good photos increase bookings. They don’t have to be professional.

My husband is a professional photographer, but about half of the photos on our Airbnb sites came from his cell phone or mine. Well-framed, well-lighted photos that show meaningful content are more important than where the photos came from, in my opinion.

As @Ritz3 said, the interior and exterior shots need to look clean and clear of clutter. I can’t believe that I see Airbnb listings with unmade beds, dishes in the sink, unmowed grass, dirty cat boxes, etc.

Also important is showing everything the guest will expect to see. For example, if the guest will have kitchen access, then there should be at least one shot of the kitchen. Many guests really want to see the exterior of the house/building and wonder why they don’t if there isn’t at least one photo.

I tell guests to look at everything the pictures show—and everything they don’t show. For example no picture of the bathroom? Why not?

The pictures have to tell the story. If the shots are blurry or seem incomplete, that’s a sad story.


All of the pictures on my listing are from my Google Pixle camera. Which takes pretty good pictures. Unless I am drinking wine when I take them!

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I agree content & well lit are the keys. My condo target market is budget family / small group vacationers so the pics I took with my I-phone and adjusted with a bit of editing work well.

My friend who lists a BEAUTIFUL palace of a canal house has amazing professional photographs.

Her weekly rate is 5-6x mine (of course it is for huge house that has 2 kitchens, 5 bathrooms & sleeps 18 vs my tiny 2br/2bath sleeps 4). Her rate is appropriate for the property

However to get bookings at that price point, her property needs to show well. Her professional photographs are wonderful, not misleading or over-done.

Maybe the answer is good photographs are necessary for everyone. A premium rental, needs premium photos.

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My pics are high end professional. We had xx (a lot) guests in the 1st six months.
See the difference. You can pick out mine ( on a Canon G10, not-too shabby ) a mile away.
Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway

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Luckily I have a very talented bf. Sibylle Allgaier, Thank You

A late night perchance???

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Thinking about getting one for my next bodega visit.

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I used the airbnb photographer. It cost me 70€ deducted from my payout so I saved on tax. I like the pictures and think they really showcased my property.

Worth it for me.


*clicks ‘add to basket’