Do infants count toward max occupancy

Hi everybody!

I have instant booking turned on and just got a booking from a guests I am not to keen to host.

This is a family with 2 children coming for a wedding in a neighborhood town.

They first inquired if their parents could park an RV in front of my house and while the family would sleep in the apartment, the parents would sleep in the RV. I responded that it may be hard to drive an RV up the narrow gravel road that leads to my property and it may also be difficult to turn it (the driveway dead ends at my property).
I have not heard back from them, and today they just booked. It is unclear if they would risk bringing an RV or not.

They are also bringing a nanny to watch the kids while they are at the wedding, and one of the kids is an infant.

My max occupancy is 4. The family with a nanny would be 5 people. It seems like infants, however, do not count towards max occupancy. Is that true?

I really feel that this group would not be a good fit. First, the RV question rubbed me wrongly - obviously I don’t have any RV hookups so I presume the parents would use the facilities in the apartment. Sorry if I sound petty, but there is a difference is cost if all of them use shower etc.
I also do not believe the apartment is set to host an infant. I do not have cots, no outlet protection, no baby gates…I have a queen bed and a trundle bed so where would the baby sleep?

What is the best way to get out of this booking? I can use “not comfortable” but it seems somewhat lame. I would rather use max occupancy but it looks like the infants do not count? Ugh! :slight_smile:

Airbnb policy states this: Infants (children under 2 years old) aren’t counted as guests when you’re booking a reservation and don’t incur any extra costs. Some hosts count children as guests, which can add an additional guest fee to the reservation.

I don’t think you can get out of it, you’ll just have to hope for the best. Do you have something about unregistered guests visiting in your rules? Do you have security cameras? If they roll up with parents in tow then you can contact Airbnb about rules violation.

You should have an on Airbnb conversation with them now and get it clearly in the thread that the parents aren’t coming with them, and also make it clear that the listing is not child safe. They will probably bring a pack and play or have the child co-sleeping with them.

I had an inquiry from a man who wanted to book the room with a child and wife who was having medical treatment at a nearby hospital. I wrote back and said the room is small 10x11 ft and there is no kitchen and was he sure they wouldn’t need to actually cook anything for a whole month and he wrote back nicely and thanked me for pointing out some things he hadn’t thought of. So while you write and show gratitude and enthusiasm for the booking also point out every negative you can think of.

You can’t discriminate against families in whole house listings but you can if you live there with them and they are down the hall.

I just cancelled a booking bc of a bonus infant. I used the ‘dont Feel comfortable with this guest’ option since they instant booked.

You could also call ABB is they didn’t IB and say they are over the capacity for your house.


Airbnb does’t count infants as “people” but your insurance might.

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Oh I’ll see them if they roll up with and RV :slight_smile:

I sent them a message asking about the RV, repeating that it may be a problem bringing it here as asking if parents have another place to stay. I don’t think I could be any clearer (short of saying no RVs haha).

I also mentioned infant safety and lack of A/C. I’ll see what they say. If they don’t cancel I probably will, depending on their answer, of course.


Keep us posted. Just don’t make it seem like it’s about the kids.

the rv is not a “problem” = it is a no you can not and your group therefore is not welcome and no we dont allow rv’s. Get clear and precise. No.


not “haha” you are not being clear. If you feel no then you must say no.


And they cancelled - Yey! No message, no nothing. I am glad this is behind me :slight_smile:
I have a feeling that they would just come up with the RV hoping I will not turn them back. Since I politely repeated that RV deal is not going to work, and mentioned infant safety (true) that probably tipped the scale.


You’re best off without these cheapskate guests who also seemed to be trying to save on campsite fees. They would have been asking for the parents to use your bathroom next!

I seriously doubt they intended to ask! I find it pretty rude & cheap they can afford a nanny but not a private room or bed for her.


You never told them specifically that the RV was not going to work. You said it “might be a problem”. This time you got lucky because they cancelled. If you plan to continue I suggest that you teach yourself to be specific in your responses. It is important to communicate clearly and precisely about Your regulations and limitations. I hope you take this advice and listen up…because it does not appear to me as though you are paying attention. You must be direct about your parameters and not fret about being tactful or polite because that muddies the message.


I love your bluntness, lol. It’s something I need to emulate.

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You are correct georgygirl, I tried to be as subtle as possible, while I should have said no in the beginning.

Honestly, if these people just, for whatever reason, asked if they can park an RV in my driveway I would be ok with it, but asking if the parents can park and sleep in it is just too much - I knew they would all use the apartment facilities and only sleep there.

They IBed so I would have cancelled them anyways - if nothing else the communication on their part was seriously lacking.

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Yup, that’s exactly what I thought :slight_smile:

I work hard to keep it under control. It is my natural way of typing, and speaking.
Of course it can get me in trouble when I dont mean to be rude, and I can be accused of inappropriateness when I mean well.
On the other hand, yes it is very helpful with clearly setting parameters and rules.
@Siladhiel they absolutely planned to use the house, and plug into electricity etc. No question of that. It is much better to say no to every RV that wants to park in a driveway all the time. You may someday get asked again, so think ahead !
Thanks for not taking offense at my directness. Best of luck.


I think a lot of us have people pleasing personalities and we let guests walk all over us due to the fear of being rude. In a lot of situations a lot of problems and annoyances that we’ve had could have been avoided by being more blunt.