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Do I refund a Guest if she is in hospital?

Hi Guys
Just had a guest text me to say she’d not arriving today as she’s in hospital. She was booked in for 2 nights, today and tomorrow. She said, she is just waiting to hear from the DR to see if she’s fit to travel tomorrow.
What happens in these situations. Do I refund her, or does Airbnb?
I have strict cancellation policy on, but obviously I feel bad for her, but I still dont want to lose out on possibly 2 nights money.

If you are worried about losing the 2 nights money, I would contact AirBnB and see if they work with you.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend the time to try to contact AirBnB. I would probably just refund her. I consider that a cost of business, and think events like that will balance out with events such as “no-show” guests, and guests who leave a day or two early but pay for the entire time.

If you decide not to refund her, they will do it for you under the extenuating circumstances policy.

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I give her the option to cancel, so the the dates could become available to see if I could fill it. (As its St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I probably would have), I said I would refund her if I got it booked up, but she has decided just to let her insurance cover the loss.

Yes, you’re correct Felixcat, Air would also have done it for me under the extenuating circumstances policy.


Sunshine, as someone who’s had this happen a lot, I can tell you sadly, that some guests are just plain lying. You are within your rights to ask for proof of the hospital stay. If they can’t provide it, then you are entitled to keep their booking money.


They refunded one of ours because “grandma got a cold” at the last minute.

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Poor Grandma :wink:

It’s unfortunate if someone is ill and has to cancel at the last minute, but I guess that’s what insurance is for.

I wasnt told till the last minute either, so waited around all day, but obviously if she was ill, it was the last thing on her mind to call her host.

I also bought a load of perishables for their stay, along with gifts for St Patrick’s day. But as I say these things happen. I shall just have a well earned rest tonight after having 8 days of different guest in a row :wink: I’m burned out and thinking of holiday’s :sunny:

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Actually, what happens to guests who tell you they are not going to be arriving, but they don’t go through the procedure of cancelling, surely they cant write a review because they havent stayed?

According to the policy, a review can only be left for a completed stay. Otherwise, how would the categories they must rate be of any validity? You have to give stars for Cleanliness, Arrival, Location, Accuracy, and Communication. Four of those five would have to be made up.

I know Felixcat, but the guest isnt cancelling, or hasnt bothered contacting Air, so the calender is still blocked as if she’s staying. I guess I’ll have to let Air know what’s happening, or they’ll send her an email to complete the review process.
Is there any other way to contact Air, other than Facebook or the telephone number on the site? It seems to be getting more difficult these days to reach them.

If you click around the support area there is an option to send them an email. They’re pretty quick in responding. That’s how I let them know about our two mystery guests who didn’t show. They also were able to prevent the review request email from passing.

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I would not refund without proof and i would not be very happy to refund even with proof. And i think this policy of Airbnb under … circumstances is quite silly and not fair to hosts.Do they refund their fees? I do not think so. So, the whatever circumstances policy doesnt reflect on their profits, why should a host be forced to refund. Hosts have nothing to do with lives of guests, there is no connection between the transaction on Airbnb and something that happening in guest’s lives. This is what insurances are for.


Thank you!!!:grin:

Agree!!! :grin: :slightly_smiling:

Maybe they should link up with an insurance carrier and have an option for the guests to purchase protection for their trip. Win-win. Hosts are happier and they will get a commission on the policy sales.

Our refund policy is strict and we wouldn’t refund if somebody had to cancel for ill health reasons - as already mentioned, this is what travel insurance is for.

I do understand however that it isn’t as normal for North Americans to take out trip insurance as it is for people in Europe.

We had some guests who had booked to stay with us for a week but had to cancel the day before as their son was sick. Luckily this has been our only such experience. They claimed on their travel insurance and stayed with us a few months later.

Ahh, but Air can side with the guest and refund them anyway.

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Can they - that is disappointing to know.

I hope they also refund their fees too.

No… Fees are not refunded to anyone for any reason.

Sounds like double standards to me then - they can force a host to take a revenue hit on a cancelled reservation but loose nothing themselves…

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