Do I have to respond to this?

Just got an inquiry that was “Hey, hey, how’s it going!”

I blocked the dates (minimum stay was wrong), but how would you respond?

I get a certain amount of inquiries like that that are either just weird or just someone I don’t want to deal with. I say something innocuous (even if it doesn’t make sense as a response to the question) like, “Great, thank you!” so as to keep up my response time and then I decline the Inquiry so that they can’t RTB and ignore any further messages.

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You must respond, or it will count against you.

Don’t ‘block the dates’ for any reason; if they cannot instant book then you have no issues, if they make a reservation request you can decline if you wish.

Not being able to use the platform as intended does not mean this guest should be disqualified. A poor host, a host who does not understand that hosting is a ‘people’ occupation, will drive that guest into the arms of another host. Extreme casualness in communication does not make a guest less ‘good’.

We have had guests who have had bad experiences with (usually inexperienced) hosts like that and they have always been great.

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I agree with @JJD, I’d respond with most anything, and decline based on the wrong dates. I’m not inclined to think this could be a legitimate guest. It sounds like the random texts I get from unknown strangers. However, on the off chance that is it a possible guest, I would probably say something like

I’m well, thanks. As for your inquiry, I have a minimum stay of xx days and your request is only for xx days. Best of luck finding a rental for your dates."

Then I’d probably block or raise the price dramatically for a day or two.


I would respond “Hay is for horses.Thanks for your inquiry.”

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I just said “ok” and they responded they wanted to book but are hosts too and want a discount.

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Ugh. “Hey, hey, how’s it going?” is a message a host who wants to book sends another host? Do they actually have any listings on their profile or are they lying in addition to being weird and thinking they deserve a discount just because they are also hosts?


Such clowns even exist as hosts…

I wouldn’t know one reason to offer a discount especially after such an eloquent inquiry.

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Yes, but they are crappy hosts. One listing has a 4 with a lot of complaints, especially about being switched to other units.

I’d either ignore them or simply reply, “No”. Or “Lol” if I was feeling sassy :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I just said “we aren’t offering discounts” and I haven’t heard back

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I am fond of saying “I can fill all my available days at full price.”