Do I have to decline or just reply to an inquiry?

If someone sends you an inquiry asking to book for more than your max occupancy…do you just have to send them a message saying no (which is one of the three options - message/preapprove/decline), or do you message and have to decline. Im afraid the declining will affect me but now I’m getting messages from air that says I need to approve or decline.

If you have a string of declines you might be penalized. Having an occasional one like I do hasn’t had any repercussions. So just decline. You have reason to anyway.

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If you received an INQUIRY about a booking there is no penalty for declining; just say “I am sorry but my listing can only sleep X guests”.

If you received a REQUEST TO BOOK, you should Decline and say “Booking for more guests than my maximum occupancy is a violation of my House Rules. The property cannot sleep more people.”

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What happens when a guest requested to book but I told them no, but did not hit the decline button, and subsequently the guests cancelled the booking?

Do you think this could be a way around the “penalized-when-you-decline” rule?