Do I have my extra guest charge set correctly?

It’s an entire house rental. 3BR/2 bath. The first two guests are included in the base price. Every guest after that is an extra $15.

Does that sound about right? Too low?

How much does an extra guest cost you extra? Think of water, electricity, insurance, wear and tear, etc. …

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Whole house? I’d personally go at least $20 per extra person per night! And remember – ‘person’, like ‘guest’ includes babes in arms. No discounts for children.


It does sound very low to me. Of course it depends on what the base price is but @GutHend’s question was important - how much does an extra guest cost you?

Although our rentals have a maximum occupancy of two people, I don’t have a base rate for one person then an extra charge for the second person as most stays are by couples.

It also depends on what accommodation is available locally. For example, I would have thought that for a 3 bedroom house, you’re unlikely to get just two guests - it’s more likely to be families or groups of friends. It might just be me but I’d feel it was a bit off if I was booking for 6 people then had to pay extra for four guests. It seems more natural to include four or five in the base price. (Adjusting the base price accordingly of course!)

There is another advantage of this. You’ll have read many posts here about guests who sneak extra people in and how angry hosts get about it. Then there’s the rigmarole of getting the extra person fee via the Airbnb system. It’s all stress you don’t need. Charging for only two in a three bedroom house is open to abuse - you could often find undeclared guests.

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You base price is too low, what is the maximum occupancy? You should be targeting groups close to that #. Why have your place booked up by a group of 2 and lose out on a much higher rate of a group of 6?

A 3 bedroom place should not be priced to gain attention by a group of 2.


I usually go $35/night per guest after two guests. Children old enough to walk/run are considered extra guests on my listing.

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