Do guests wear masks?

This is aimed at UK hosts please -

My AIRBNB reopens in May having been self closed since October due to the risk of Covid.

I realise i need to wear a mask (fine with me) - in theory the guest should as well.
Do other UK hosts say anything if the guest fails to wear a mask or even arrives maskless.

Before the recent easing of the lock down, virtually all of my guests turned up with masks

Post lock down, all guests have shown up without a mask

However, upon arrival, when they see me with a mask on, they immediately start reaching for theirs… Or they ask whether they should wear one

Personally, I do not care whether they wear a mask or not… I only wear it out of courtesy

If it is important to you, perhaps mention it in your listing somewhere… Or when communicating with the guest (pre-visit) mention that they must arrive with a mask

It’s part of the Airbnb cleaning process that both hosts and guests should wear masks, so if as a host you have signed up to this, there should be an exception that both hosts and guests wear masks when inside the home in shared spaces, or for hosts with whole listings when you are showing the guests around.

@peter1 I’m a UK host in a shared space so as you know we aren’t allowed in England to host until 17 May.

When you return to hosting, I would mention to guests in your check in, instructions that they need to wear masks on arrival and when you are both in shared spaces if you have signed up to Airbnb’s cleaning regime.

Truth be told, I haven’t really kept up with the regs in Englandshire, so is this all hosting that is verboten, or just shared listings?


I wear a mask to (socially distanced) greet guests. Most of the time, guests will also wear them when they arrive but I carry masks with me in case they don’t and I have no problem with asking them to wear them. (USA, separate apartments).

So if they don’t arrive with masks, they are provided with them when they arrive. This seems preferable to asking them to bring masks.


It depends… each country is operating to different regulations, so it’s a nightmare to keep up.

In England hosts with whole lettings can do STR from 12 April but for no more than 2 households. And hosts in shared home, can’t operate until 17 May.

The mask issue relates to Airbnb Covid cleaning that many hosts have signed up to, but then completely ignore :slight_smile:

Thanks for this everybody who has taken the time to reply. I will wear a mask as it is mandatory I was just wondering what was the best way forward for dealing with non mask wearers - I like Jaquo’s response to this.
One thing for sure - there appear to be plenty of people open now who perhaps should not be until 17 May.

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Now we have new guidelines in US. I’m not sure what my response will be. I have been checking in guests and shopping all masked. It appears to mean only masked while indoors…

Oh dear… hate to mention it, but vaccinated folks can still carry it, and pass it on.

If in doubt, stay masked.

In Europe, its been accepted that masks aren’t to protect you, but others.

Says he who for most this evening was unmasked in his local plaza :rofl:



I’ve been unmasked around people I know are vaccinated when we are outside or inside for short times with good ventilation. I wear masks around people I don’t know. Increasingly I want to wear them to piss off the weird anti maskers who think they their freedom is more important than my safety. I have no problem sending the message that masks remain important until we get the all clear. All that said, they are a lot harder to tolerate in the heat than in the cool/cold.


Okay, I’ve been doing what makes sense to me all along, and it seems like they come out with new rules which are what I have been doing all along.

It never made sense to me that if soap and water deactivates the virus when you wash your hands, why wouldn’t it work on other things, instead of sterilizing eveything? Now that’s exactly what is being recommended.

I’ve never worn a mask outside unless I am in close proximity to others. Why on earth would I wear a mask when hiking alone? That’s just ridiculous. Now they just decided that poses no risk?

And now there is a study out of MIT that says spacing of tables, or desks in school, or in a yoga class, or anywhere indoors is totally pointless- the virus particles expelled when people talk, laugh, etc, travel throughout the room, even more so if there are fans and such. You can transmit Covid to someone 60 ft. away indoors, the whole room is full of it. Which is exactly what I’ve assumed all along. (I haven’t been out to eat in over a year for that very reason - not only are you indoors with other people, no one is wearing a mask if they’re eating.)

I don’t wear a mask when outside conversing with neighbors or friends. I just don’t stand really close. I can’t imagine there is enough of a viral load to get infected outside, unless the other person coughs or sneezes right in your direction or is one of those people who talk really loud all the time.

I’m no scientist or health professional- it all just seems so obvious to me and has from the beginning.