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Do guests see reasons for declining an enquiry?

Good afternoon all,

Lately there seems to be an abundance of enquiries, whom i feel uncomfortable with. They generally want to deal outside of airbnb which I’m not comfortable with and willing to do. In addition some lie about the number of guests.

I’ve declined more people in the last 2 weeks than ever.

  1. Despite airbnb saying declining does not affect your listings, i do doubt this.
  2. If i decline a guest enquiry and choose the reason as “other” does the would-be guest see this? Or is it only for airbnb eyes?


Report this to Airbnb trust and safety, they will remove these users. It is totally against the TOS. I have done this successfully on a few occasions. Don’t know for sure but I doubt that the guest sees the reason.


Thats a great suggestion thanks.

Yes exactly - anytime a guest mentions something out of the TOS i lose faith in them immediately.


Yep --Decline, stating that you will not got outside of AirBnb because that is in violation of both host and guest rules. Then report them to Air.


I do in Wimdu too. Why would anyone ask that you go around the system when there is zero benefit and only risk to the host in doing that. Especially Wimdu. You get the whole booking amount! They don’t charge the host at all!

Declining an INQUIRY is not the same as declining a REQUEST TO BOOK.

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Can you elaborate? Merci beaucoup! C’est Bastille day et aussi mon anniversaire! Let us eat cake!

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Many thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

I absolutely agree with you. I declined 2 in a row - one who wanted to hold a corporate event at my home when I say “no events” in my HR, the other who wanted squeeze 4 people into my 2 person/1 bed listing. Both were absolutely valid declines. However, my stats went down to ZERO views after that for a number of days. I called Air to ask wtf and they denied that declining was the problem. What else could it have been? Too much of a coincidence in my opinion.

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