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Do any of your potential guests ever offer to pay more for an event?

I am just curious here. I received another inquiry today to hold a “small” wedding. I emailed back to ask the guest count and total number staying the night. The reply was that it would be less than 50 people, and only she would be staying the night by herself. Of course the answer is no.

But I get these inquiries every once in a while. Some have been for other occassions too - with maybe over 25 people in attendance. My rental sleeps 6 maximum and has two bedrooms. What I have noticed is that nobody ever offers to pay more in the intial inquiry. They don’t even say “I understand it may cost more and could you please send me a quote.” Nothing. So do these people think they are going to rent a place for a wedding for a regular nightly fee?

I can see some being willing to pay a little bit more, but I wonder if there are other hosts out there who are allowing these events for only a small price? Or even for nothing at all? Maybe not 50 people…but let’s say 25 guests to come over for a 4 hr. catered dinner. Would you allow?

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IMHO I would not do this, too much liability. It’s turning your rental into an event venue and probably would need special licenses and insurance depending upon your municipality. There are specific occupancy codes for the amount of people allowed in a given space. Weddings are full of drama, drunk people. Unless you are experienced in event planning I’d say no.


I had a student film shot here. The guest not only didn’t offer to pay extra; he asked for a discount because he was a student. He didn’t get a discount. The shoot went fine. Some things were easier than a regular guest. I didn’t have to do any laundry or clean the guest room as they weren’t using it. They didn’t take showers or prepare food.

I would absolutely be willing to have an event here. We had an inquiry for a baby shower and one for a child’s birthday party. Both times the guest decided to have the event elsewhere. I would charge more for an event.

Oh…I would not do it. The only way I would even consider it is if they paid a high price, and my partner was over there the whole time. I am sure they wouldn’t want him there raning on there parade…lol.

I was just wondering if other hosts are allowing this for hardly any compensation or zero compensation. I only had one guest who tried to “sneak” in a small cerermony. He has already put in a booking request, and then I had to pull teeth to see if he would have any visitors. That’s when he admitted only 6 would stay but about 9 would come over for a private ceremony. I declined.

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Given your cabin’s location, I am guessing that you are on well water with a septic tank. 25 people all using that bathroom? 50? It is a disaster waiting to happen! An outdoor tent with catering all seems fine until you have 25 people who have all drunk wine and beer who have to do something with all that extra liquid. I don’t think the liability from the event is a huge deal, but the liability from having people who might have had too much to drink being over served on your property would scare me to no end!


I would do it, and charge an ‘event space’ approps fee!! @Oesmec can give you some good insight as I think she just dealt with this.

I wouldn’t for the reasons stated above. Plus our rental is tiny and therefore any gathering of more than four people would have to take place outside. No doubt this would drive my neighbours crazy.

Also, because this building dates from the 1940s I doubt that our plumbing could cope :slight_smile:

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I charge 250$ for 1st 2 hours. My place is set up for small events and parties.

If they say 50 then 80 really shows, They dont count the kids, or the pastor or preacher or photographers or any staff. It can spiral out of control very quickly. If you do accept events, think long and hard and be sure you know what you are doing…like 80 people in the house if it rains…and be sure you are properly insured by an event coverage. Around here my neighbor charges $1000 for a wedding + another $500 if they tent. I pass. It is not worth it. The parking is another issue, and the drunks crashing cars is another situation.

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Even though I have no interest in hosting events…curious if your listing states your rates. Is it a big place? Or is this a fee that you mention after guests inquire. And are these guests through Air?

Yes, am on well water and wouldn’t allow something like that anyway. I only emailed the guest back to see what she considered a “small” wedding. I am just wondering if there are hosts out there who are allowing these events and hardly charging the guest.

I don’t offer or tell my guests about hosting events. I have done it a couple of times only and outside of ABB. Once was a dinner party for a wedding rehearsal where they hired a chef. I also had a photo shoot by a photographer done at the house. It is extremely limited but the owner wants me to look into doing more of them since the season is almost over.

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Yes I get this to - but normally for university photography courses etc. we live in a victorian era house. They don’t want to stay but will probably use more then the nightly price in power etc.

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