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Do any of you supply luggage racks? Do they actually work?

I was thinking that maybe I should put 2 luggage racks in my closet – I’m hoping that maybe guests will stop putting luggage on the duvet cover and couch. The cheap ones are around $30 on amazon and I know that I use them for my carryon suitcase when I’m at hotels.

Anyone have any luck with these?

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What we chose instead are the benches you can now find in the discount stores (Ross, TJ Maxx) that have storage as well. We figured that we can reuse them in other ways if we need to later - you can see

You can see it in the image. When checking in guests we say “Put your luggage here, not on the bed” and so far it has worked great. The walls do take a beating but that’s hosting for you -

They are a bit pricier and do take up room, so may not be a good solution for you, but thought I’d throw the idea out there for you anyway.


I have one that cost me 30 bucks and it is in the closet so I do think they use it for at least one bag.

We have a couple of the metal ones, but I’m not sure anyone actually uses them… No suitcase damage to the bed yet though, so that’s good (only been at it for a month though)

I use luggage racks, and I put them in the closet. I point them out to people as I’m welcoming them. Luggage does mark up walls, so I want them marking up the closet walls rather then the room walls.

I bought these exact ones!

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I’ve used ours the past two years. I ahve one with the back going up, meaning the luggage can’t reach (damage) the wall.
People use it and for $30 (or a bit more) amortized over several years … no brainer.
Desiree and Peter

These work wonders for luggage placement and you can put extra sheets and blankets inside. Perfect solution. Kids can even use them as a seat.


Right! Multi-purpose, more bang for the buck. And if one stops doing airbnb they can be used elsewhere.

DC, this is a great idea but you’re right, I don’t have available wall space for something like this.

I think I’ll look into a luggage rack with a “wall protector” – thanks for the input everyone!

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I’ve been using two of these adjustable tables. The guest can use them for their laptop computer or writing desk just by raising them from luggage height. They’re lightweight, strong, and easy to adjust. Nevertheless, sometimes the suitcase goes on the floor and the miscellaneous stuff goes on the tables. I’m clearing off some bookshelves to make room for more of the miscellany.


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It’s interesting that the little wall protector bar on the back almost doubles the price.

I have two per listing and guests use them. Better than placing luggage on bed or bending down on the floor. I was just at an Airbnb and I wished they had it.


I have a luggage rack in each of the guest rooms. They don’t fit in the closets, so I just have them in the corner, somewhat out of view. Guests use them. It’s better than putting luggage on the hardwood floors.

I got my hotel quality luggage rack (the last one w/the chrome legs & back guard) for about $16 on this site. Even paying $8 for shipping still made it a better deal than anything I found on Amazon. It folds, arrives in one piece (no assembly), and you can feel the solid quality bc it opens like butter. Sturdy, yet not heavy. I can always use it for my adult kids when they come for a visit if I would stop doing Airbnb.


Here’s a great one. I have the last one on the bottom w/the chrome legs. Even with shipping, it was less expensive than anything I found on Amazon. Great quality too.

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I got two of these. I like them very much. Go for it.

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