Distinctive sound when an Airbnb is booked is missing - how do I get this back?

I have been running an airbnb for 8 years. During that time, when a booking comes in or even a message, it comes in as a very distinctive sound. Nothing like any of the sounds I’m my iPhone. For the last few weeks instead of this sound I get a very low ping sound. Again - nothing like my options for ring tones, texts or email.

I have contacted Airbnb “support” and they are refusing to say it has anything to do with them. I have never set up this sound nor can I find a way in the Airbnb app or even setting my text to this sound. Even with changing the text sound, airbnb messages and bookings coming in with that very light ping sound (no matter my volume).

Airbnb “support” says that they have nothing to with this and Apple says it’s not them.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about and did you sound change and do you know how to get it back?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Lots of complaints about this change on social media groups…… appears to have some thing to do with one of the latest updates - either Apple or Airbnb

Obviously it has to do with either Airbnb or Apple, if one uses Apple products. Have read many complaints about this, as well. I’d have to go back and check if all of them are using an iphone.

Instead of relying on app notifications, maybe try setting up your notifications to be sent by SMS text msg. That’s how I get mine, and I can set the notification volume on SMS msgs to whatever I want.

Here is the link to the thread about this on the Airbnb CC. Hosts there also suggested the SMS option work-around, as well as instructions for how to designate a specific ringtone on an iphone.

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I assigned a previously unused standard ringtone for Airbnb messages. It takes about 30 seconds to do. That’s on an iPhone though, I don’t know about other phones.

I tried to assign a ring tone via making a contact and then a ring tone for texting but that didn’t work. How did you do it on an iPhone?

I went to contacts, then to Airbnb. (I don’t know about other phones but ‘contacts’ includes text messages, it’s not just for phone numbers.)

Click ‘edit’ then ‘text tone’. Once in that section, you can add any of the standard tones from the list. I just used one that I don’t use for anything else and it became my Airbnb ding.

Yes, I can assign ringtones for different numbers on my android. Iphones are big expensive hype IMO. There’s not much you can do on an iphone that you can’t do on an android.

There are certain features that are only available on an iphone (like I can’t “Facetime” on my android, as that’s an iphone app), but there are alternate methods of acheiving the same thing on an android.

However, I do realize that if one has a Mac computer, you’d want to use an iphone, so your devices would sync. But I can’t think of any other good reason to spend twice as much on an iphone as an android.