Dissertation survey!

Hi everyone, I am currently a 4th year International Tourism Management student at Robert Gordon University. The topic I chose to research into was the safety of Airbnb for the consumers. Would highly appreciate those who fill out this survey. Thank you in advance.

Where is the survey?

Opps, wrote this is a rush so forgot to put the link.

That should be it now, thanks for letting me know.

This is a host forum, not a guest forum.

Sorry, my lecturer recommended me to this forum. I could easily take this post down if it’s not allowed to be here.

There are quite a few hosts here who have also been guests. I don’t see a conflict…

No, it’s not a case that it’s not allowed. You are welcome, it’s just that the people you needv(guests) don’t tend to be on this forum (given a few exceptions). Some hosts also travel, but maybe hosts aren’t really neutral and therefor seem to be quiet useless for your survey.

All the best.

Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. I can see the problem with that, just trying to post my survey on as much Airbnb related sites as possible.

I agree with @GutHend that you will not receive very useful responses from hosts.

The key issues with your survey are:

  1. You don’t have a question on whether the respondent is a host or not, you should probably add that if it’s not too late as it is a very important variable. Obviously, experienced hosts are going to be much more aware of safety issues etc.

  2. This question
    "As hosts can choose which feedback gets shown on their own host page I tend to not fully trust the feedback *"
    This is totally incorrect! Airbnb is very strict about this issue. Just check on this forum for examples of when hosts want reviews taken down and Airbnb will not do it. You should have done your own research properly before compiling this survey!!

  3. What are the red stars about?

Sorry if I seem critical but sloppy research surveys are a major irritation for me. Your results will be meaningless and a complete waste of everybody’s time unless you do it properly.


Thanks for the response, I appreciate the constructive criticism. The red stars are just for the questions that need to be filled out. I will change the question that you pointed out to me, thank you

Good, glad you weren’t offended! I kind of knew that the red stars meant compulsory answers but I’m old and wanted to be told explicitly :wink:
Best of luck with it.

Haha, no not at all :slight_smile: . Would rather my mistakes be pointed out before it’s too late to change them. Thank you

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