Dissertation research project -Looking for hosts and guests in the US to interview

Dear Host community,

I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, US and I am investigating social capital formation in Airbnb which basically explores the different levels of interactions between hosts and guests and its economic and non-economic impact. I would like to interview 10-15 hosts and 10-15 guests ( local or remote) for about 30-45 minutes to accomplish the research goals. The study is approved by IRB at LSU and data gathered during the process will be confidential and your names will be anonymized.

Note: You must be above 18 to participate in this study.

Two random participants can win an Amazon Gift card worth $50!
Please message me if you are interested in participating and I will share further details and procedures for interview.

Thank you very much for reading this post, looking forward to interacting with some prospective participants on this forum.

I wish you all Happy hosting!

-Harshali Sadhya.

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Must be the season - you are the third this week!