Dissertation research - host in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Hi there!

I am looking for some help. I am a masters student in the Urban Studies Department at Glasgow University and I’m currently carrying out some research as part of my dissertation. My dissertation aims to investigate what impacts Airbnbs (both positive and negative!) are having on the in city centre communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some of their experiences and be take part in a short interview (around 15 - 20mins)?

Thanks for your time - I really appreciate it!

You would have better luck posting in the Glasgow and Edinburgh host groups.

Although one or two are from that neck of the woods.


Thanks Helsi!

Are there any host groups that you could recommend? I’ve not had much luck getting in touch with hosts so far, its mainly been residents living near airbnbs that have been sharing their views and it would be good to hear from both sides.

I don’t know I don’t live there @2031027S but I am sure if you use Google and FB something will come up.

No offence but I am amazed at the higher degree students coming here all launching research into Airbnb without any research into how to conduct research and target appropriate groups. As an investigator surely some more work at the planning phase is well advised here???

I have been down that route but unfortunately the groups/ forums don’t seem to be very active - possibly because Airbnb has been receiving some negative media attention in Edinburgh.

Thanks for your time anyway - I appreciate it!

Hi Emily,

Unfortunately host are proving to be a slightly elusive groups, at least in Glasgow/ Edinburgh, and the more traditional routes for getting in contact haven’t been successful. I was hoping someone within an established host community might have been able to help.

Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway.